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ELM334 Datasheet - Solid State Thermostat

ELM334   ELM334  

Datasheet: ELM334 datasheet

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Description: ELM334 Garage Doorman Description The EL M334 is a handy circuit for remotely mo nitoring the position of your garage do or. A twowire interface is all that is needed to convey the position of the do or to two remotely located LEDs, and to also provide control for an electric o pener if desired. This circuit continua lly monitors the state of two position sensing switches, representing the full y open and fully closed positions of th e door. After suitable debouncing, the states of these switches are used to va ry the polarity of the two signal wires , resulting in either the red (open) or green (closed) www.DataSheet4U.com LED turning on. When the door is in neithe r position (moving), the LEDs rapidl

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ELM Electronics


Solid State Thermostat

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