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G07007SB Datasheet - Powering Digital Convergence

G07007SB   G07007SB  

Datasheet: G07007SB datasheet

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Description: WISchip GO7007SB WIS GO7007SB at h S a t e e 4U . m o c w w w .D GO7007SB Streaming Media Encoder The WISchip GO 7007SB is designed for devices, such as DVRs, PVRs, or STBs, and for streaming IP solutions over Ethernet, such as vi deo conferencing or surveillance. It de livers up to full D1 (720x480) resoluti on streaming video at 30 fps. The G0700 7SB encodes CCIR 601/656 or RGB Bayer i nput into MPEG-4/2/1, MJPEG, or H.263 f ormats. For irregular HSYNCH video sour ces, the GO7007SB delivers A/V synchron ization with error resiliency. w w w .D t a S a e h • • • t e U 4 .c m o Video Input RGB Bayer 10-b it sensor input CCIR-601 or CCIR-656 YU V (8-bit) 4:2:2 progressive or interlace i

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Powering Digital Convergence

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