G070VVN01.100 Datasheet

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G070VVN01.100 Datasheet - Color TFT-LCD

G070VVN01.100   G070VVN01.100  

Datasheet: G070VVN01.100 datasheet

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Description: $82 &RQILGHQWLDO )RU 3520$7( ,QWHUQDO 8V H 2QO 2Q  Ƒ Preliminary Spe cification Ŷ Final Specification Modu le Model Name 7.0 Inch Color TFT-LCD G 070VVN01.100 G070VVN01.100 Customer Date Approved by Date Grace Hung 20 13/10/29 Checked & Approved by Date Prepared by Date Mask Tsai 2013/10/2 9 Note: This Specification is subject to change without notice. General Disp lay Business Division / AU Optronics co rporation ˎ APPROVAL FOR SPECIFICATIO NS ONLY (Spec. Ver. 1.5 ) ˎ APPROVAL F OR SPECIFICATIONS AND ES SAMPLE (Spec. Ver. 1.5 ) ˎ APPROVAL FOR SPECIFICATIO NS AND CS SAMPLE (Spec. Ver. 1.5 ) ˎ C USTOMER REMARK : G070VVN01.100 Ver. 1. 5 1/23 )RU 3520$7( ,QWHUQDO 8VH 2QO  3URY

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