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Part HDLY-2416
Description Four Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Smart 5 x 7 Alphanumeric Displays
Feature HDLx-2416 Series Four Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Smart 5×7 Alphanumeric Displays Data Sheet Descri.
Manufacture AVAGO
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HDLx-2416 Series Four Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Smart 5×7 HDLY-2416 Datasheet

HDLx-2416 Series
Four Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Smart 5×7
Alphanumeric Displays
Data Sheet
These are 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) four character 5 × 7 dot matrix
displays driven by an on-board CMOS IC. These displays are pin
for pin compatible with the HPDL-2416. The IC stores and
decodes 7-bit ASCII data and displays it using a 5 × 7 font.
Multiplexing circuitry, and drivers are also part of the IC. The IC
has fast setup and hold times that makes it easy to interface to
a microprocessor.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Supply Voltage, VDD to Grounda
Input Voltage, Any Pin to Ground
Free Air Operating Temperature Range, TA
Storage Temperature, TS
CMOS IC Junction Temperature, TJ (IC)
Relative Humidity (non-condensing) at 65°C
Soldering Temperature [1.59 mm (0.063 in.)
Below Body]
Solder Dipping
Wave Soldering
ESD Protection, R = 1.5 k, C = 100 pF
a. Maximum Voltage with no LEDs illuminated.
–0.5 V to 7.0 V
–0.5 V to VDD
+0.5 V
–40 °C to +85 °C
–40 °C to 100 °C
+150 °C
260°C for 5 secs
250°C for 3 secs
VZ = 2 kV (each
Enhanced drop-in replacement to HPDL-2416
Smart alphanumeric display
Built-in RAM, ASCII decoder, and LED drive circuitry
CMOS IC for low power consumption
Software controlled dimming levels and blank
128 ASCII character set
Categorized for luminous intensity; Yellow and Green
categorized for color
Low power and sunlight viewable AlInGaP versions
Wide operating temperature range, –40 °C to +85 °C
Excellent ESD protection
Wide viewing angle (50° typ.)
ESD WARNING: Standard CMOS handling precautions should be
observed with the HDLX-2416.
Avago Technologies

HDLx-2416 Series
Data Sheet
Four Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Smart 5×7 Alphanumeric DisplaysDevices
Deep Red
High Efficiency Red
The address and data inputs can be directly connected to the
microprocessor address and data buses.
The HDLX-2416 has several enhancements over the
HPDL-2416. These features include an expanded character set,
internal 8 level dimming control, external dimming capability,
and individual digit blanking. Finally, the extended functions
can be disabled which allows the HDLX-2416 to operate
exactly like an HPDL-2416 by disabling all of the enhancements
except the expanded character set.
The difference between the sunlight viewable HDLS-2416 and
the low power HDLU-2416 occurs at power-on or at the default
brightness level. Following power up, the HDLS-2416 operates
at the 100% brightness level, while the HDLU-2416 operates at
the 27% brightness level. Power on sets the internal brightness
control (bits 3–5) in the control register to binary code (000).
For the HDLS-2416 binary code (000) corresponds to a 100%
brightness level, and for the HDLU-2416 binary code (000)
corresponds to a 27% brightness level. The other seven
brightness levels are identical for both parts.
Avago Technologies

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