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HDSP-2179 Datasheet - Alphanumeric Displays

HDSP-2179   HDSP-2179  

Datasheet: HDSP-2179 datasheet

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Description: HDSP-2131, HDSP-2132, HDSP-2133, HDSP-21 79 Eight Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Gl ass/Ceramic Intelligent 5x7 Alphanumeri c Displays for Military Applications Da ta Sheet Description The HDSP-2131 (ye llow), HDSP-2179 (orange), HDSP-2132 (h igh efficiency red) and the HDSP-2133 ( green) are eight-digit, 5 x 7 dot matri x, alphanumeric displays. The 5.0 mm (0 .2 inch) high characters are packaged i n a standard 7.64 mm (0.30 inch) 32 pin DIP. The on-board CMOS IC has the abil ity to decode 128 ASCII characters, whi ch are permanently stored in ROM. In ad dition, 16 programmable symbols may be stored in an on-board RAM. Seven bright ness levels provide versatility in adju sting the display intensity and powe

Manufacture Part Number Description



Alphanumeric Displays



(HDSP-21xx) Eight Character 5.0 mm (0.2 inch) Glass/Ceramic Intelligent 5 X 7 Alphanumeric Displays

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