IBM0418A41BLAB Datasheet

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IBM0418A41BLAB Datasheet - (IBM04xxAx1BLAB) 8Mb and 4Mb SRAM

IBM0418A41BLAB   IBM0418A41BLAB  

Datasheet: IBM0418A41BLAB datasheet

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Description: . Preliminary Feat ures IBM0418A81BLAB IBM0436A81BLAB IBM 0418A41BLAB IBM0436A41BLAB 8Mb (256Kx36 & 512x18) and 4Mb (128Kx36 & 256Kx18) SRAM • 8Mb: 256K x 36 or 512K x 18 o rganizations 4Mb: 128K x 36 or 256K x 1 8 organizations • 0.25 Micron CMOS te chnology • Synchronous Pipeline Mode of Operation with Self-Timed Late Write • Single Differential HSTL Clock • +2.5V Power Supply, Ground, 1.5, 1.8V VDDQ, and 0.90V VREF • HSTL Input and Output levels • Registered Addresses , Write Enables, Synchronous Select, an d Data Ins • Registered Outputs • Common I/O • Asynchronous Output Enab le • Synchronous Power Down Input • Boundary Scan using limited set of JTAG 1149.1 functions •

Manufacture Part Number Description

IBM Corporation


(IBM04xxAx1BLAB) 8Mb and 4Mb SRAM

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