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Dual Differential Comparators

Dual Differential Comparators




Part Number LM393P
Description Dual Differential Comparators
Feature Product Folder Order Now Technical Doc uments Tools & Software Support & Com munity Reference Design LM393B, LM290 3B, LM193, LM293, LM293A, LM393, LM393A , LM2903, LM2903V SLCS005AC – OCTOBER 1979 – REVISED FEBRUARY 2020 LM393B, LM2903B, LM193, LM293, LM393 and LM290 3 Dual Comparators 1 Features
•1 NEW LM393B and LM2903B
• Improved specif ications of B-version – Maximum ratin g: up to 38 V – ESD rating (HBM): 2k V – Low input offset: 0.
37 mV – Low input bias current: 3.
5 nA – Low sup ply-current: 200 µA per comparator – Faster response time of 1 µsec – Ex tended temperature range for LM393B – .
Manufacture Texas Instruments
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Part Number LM393PT
Description Comparators
Feature Datasheet SIGNATURE SERIES Comparators LM393xxx LM2903xx LM339xx LM2901xx Gen eral Description LM393xxx, LM2903xx, LM 339xx, and LM2901xx monolithic ICs inte grate two or four independent comparato r circuits on a single chip and feature high gain, low power consumption, and an operating voltage range from 2V to 3 6V (single power supply).
Features  Operable with a Single Power Supply  Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range Input / Output Ground Sense  Low S upply Current  Open Collector  Wi de Temperature Range Application  Co nsumer Electronics  Current Sense Ap plication  Battery Monitor  .
Manufacture Rohm
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Part Number LM393P8
Description Dual Differential Comparator
Feature CYStech Electronics Corp.
Dual Different ial Comparator Spec.
: C545P8 Issu ed Date : 2010.
20 Revised Date : Pag e No.
: 1/6 LM393P8 Description The LM 393P8 consists of two independent volta ge comparators, designed specifically t o operate from a single power over a wi de voltage range.
• Single or dual supply operation
• Wide opera ting supply range(VCC=2V~36V or ±1V to ±18V)
• Input common-mode voltage i ncludes ground
• Low supply current d rain ICC=0.
• Low input b ias current Ibias=25nA(typical)
• Out put compatible with TTL, DTL and CMOS l ogic system Pin Configurati .
Manufacture CYStech Electronics
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