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Micropower 150 mA Voltage Regulator


National Semiconductor

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October 2001
Micropower 150 mA Voltage Regulator in SOT-23
Package For Output Voltages 1.2V
Designed for Use with Very Low ESR Output Capacitors
General Description
The LP2983 is a 150 mA, fixed-output voltage regulator
designed to provide tight voltage regulation in applications
with output voltages 1.2V.
Using an optimized VIP(Vertically Integrated PNP) pro-
cess, the LP2983 delivers unequalled performance in all
critical specifications:
Ground Pin Current: Typically 825 µA @ 150 mA load, and
75 µA @ 1 mA load.
Enhanced Stability: The LP2983 is stable with output ca-
pacitor ESR down to zero, which allows the use of ceramic
capacitors on the output.
Smallest Possible Size: SOT-23 package uses absolute
minimum board space.
Precision Output: 1% tolerance output voltages available
(A grade).
n Guaranteed 150 mA output current
n Smallest possible size (SOT-23 package)
n Requires minimum external components
n Stable with low-ESR output capacitor
n Low ground pin current at all loads
n Output voltage accuracy 1% (A Grade)
n High peak current capability
n Wide supply voltage range (16V max)
n Low ZOUT: 0.3typical (10 Hz to 1 MHz)
n Overtemperature/overcurrent protection
n −40˚C to +125˚C junction temperature range
n Cellular Phone
n Palmtop/Laptop Computer
n Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
n Camcorder, Personal Stereo, Camera
Block Diagram
VIPis a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.
© 2001 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200291

Basic Application Circuit
*ON/OFF input must be actively terminated. Tie to VIN if this function is not to be used.
**Minimum capacitance is shown to ensure stability (may be increased without limit). Ceramic capacitor required for output (see Application Hints).
Connection Diagram
5-Lead Small Outline Package (M5)
Top View
See NS Package Number MF05A
For ordering information see Table 1

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