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Datasheet: MAX12930 datasheet

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Description: Click here for production status of spec ific part numbers. MAX12930/MAX12931 E VALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Two-Channel, Lo w-Power, 3kVRMS and 5kVRMS Digital Isol ators General Description The MAX12930 /MAX12931 are a family of 2-channel, 3k V/5kVRMS digital galvanic isolators usi ng Maxim’s proprietary process techno logy. These devices transfer digital si gnals between circuits with different p ower domains while using as little as 0 .65mW per channel at 1Mbps with 1.8V. T he two channels of the MAX12931 transfe r data in opposite directions, and this makes the MAX12931 ideal for isolating the TX and RX lines of a transceiver. The MAX12930 features two channels tran sferring data in the same direction. B

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Maxim Integrated


Digital Isolators

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