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MPP / MPJ Series
Servo Motors
Catalog USA

Part MPP1152C
Description Higher Power Rotary Servo Motors
Feature MPP1152C; MPP / MPJ Series Servo Motors Catalog USA 96-029085-01 3M 02/08 Higher Power Rotary Servo Motors, .
Manufacture Parker
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MPP / MPJ Series Servo Motors Catalog USA 96-029085-01 3M 0 MPP1152C Datasheet

96-029085-01 3M 02/08

Higher Power Rotary
Servo Motors, with Low and
High Inertia
The “MaxPlusPlus” (MPP) series of brushless servo motors from Parker features a new design that offers
lower inertia and higher power, all in a smaller motor package. These brushless servo motors are designed for
the demanding applications found in today’s high-performance servo systems.
The MPP motors feature segmented core technology, which can yield up to 40% higher torque per unit size
than conventionally wound servo motors. “Potted” stators improve heat transfer for better thermal efficiency,
resulting in increased torque at the motor shaft. High-energy neodymium magnets are employed for higher
rates of acceleration.
The “MaxPlus-J” (MPJ) series of rotary servo motors from Parker feature the same design characteristics as
the MPP, but with 3 - 8 times the inertia of the standard MPP. This is a perfect solution for your applications
requiring a high inertia servo motor.
Parker will customize any MPP/MPJ motor to meet your specific system requirements. Parker does customs
like no one else. We are specialists at customs, offering unrivaled custom motor solutions and support.
MPP / MPJ Motor Features
• Segmented core technology - 40% higher torque
• Potted stator design - improved thermal efficiency
• Size 92, 100, 115, 142, 190, 230, and 270
• Continuous torque: 1.3 Nm (12 lb-in) to
146 Nm (1295 lb-in)
• Continuous stall torque: 1.5 Nm (14 lb-in) to
162 Nm (1434 lb-in)
• Peak torque: 5 Nm (44 lb-in) to 513 Nm (4540 lb-in)
• Brushless construction
• High-performance neodymium magnets
• Thermistor protection
• Resolver, incremental encoder, or
absolute encoder (single or multi-turn)
• 24 volt failsafe brake (optional)
• “Rotatable” right angle PS-style connectors
• Optional IP65 shaft seal
• Two-year warranty
• MPJ motor features:
Size 92,100, 115 and 142
Common Customizations Include:
• Shafts (longer, shorter, diameter
change, hollow shafts)
• Front flange (bolt circle, pilot,
NEMA dimensions)
• Motors coatings (white, PTFE,
steel-it grey)
• Non-standard feedback devices
• Special Connectors
• Special stator windings

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