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Digital Multimeter
Operation Manual
MS8250A/B Digital Multimeter
Safety information
1. Safety information
Please particularly note that inappropriate use may cause shock or
damage to the meter. When using, comply with common safety
procedures and completely follow the safety measures stated in the
operation manual.
In order to make full use of the meter’s functions and ensure safety
operation, please carefully read and follow the use methods in the
operation manual.
The meter meets GB/T 13978-92 digital multimeter general technology
conditions, GB4793.1-1995 (IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032) electronic
measurement instrument safety requirements with secondary pollution and
over-voltage standard of CAT 600V.
Please follow the safety operation guidelines to ensure the safe use of meter.
The meter will provide satisfactory service to you if you use and protect it
1.1 Preparation
1.1.1 When using the meter, the user should comply with standard safety
- General shock protection
- Prevent misusing the meter
1.1.2 Please check for damage that may have occurred during transportation
after receiving the meter.
1.1.3 If it should be stored and shipped under hard conditions, please confirm
if the meter is damaged.
1.1.4 Probe should be in good condition. Before use, please check whether the
probe insulation is damaged and whether metal wire is bare (not
properly insulated).
1.1.5 Use the probe table provided with the meter to ensure safety. If
necessary, it should be replaced with another identical probe or one with
the same capacity.- 1 -

MS8250A/B Digital Multimeter
Safety information
1.2 Usage
1.2.1 When using, select the correct function and measuring range.
1.2.2 Don't exceed the indicated maximum of each measuring range.
1.2.3 When measuring circuits with the meter connected, do not touch the
probe tip (metal part).
1.2.4 When measuring, if the voltage to be measured is more than 60 V DC or
30 V AC (RMS), always keep your fingers always behind finger
protection device.
1.2.5 Don’t measure voltage greater then 600 V.
1.2.6 For manual measuring range, when the value to be measured is
unknown, select, the highest measuring range.
1.2.7 Before rotating conversion switch to change measuring function,
remove probe from the circuit to be measured.
1.2.8 Don't measure resistors, capacitors, diodes and circuit connections with
1.2.9 During tests of current, resistors, capacitors, diodes and circuit
connections, avoid connecting the meter with voltage sources.
1.2.10 Do not measure capacitance before capacitor is discharged completely.
1.2.11 Do not use the meter in explosive gas, vapor or dusty environments.
1.2.12 If you find any abnormal phenomena or failure on the meter, stop using
it immediately.
1.2.13 Do not use the meter unless the bottom case and the battery cover are
completely fastened in their original places.
1.2.14 Don't store or use the meter in direct sunlight or high temperature and
high humidity conditions.
1.3 Mark
Note (Important safety information. Refer to the operation manual)
Can be used for dangerous electric conductor.
Double insulation protection (class II)
CAT According to pulse voltage tolerance protection level provided by
IEC 61010-1 standard overvoltage (installation) level III and
pollution degree 2.
MS8250A/B Digital Multimeter
Safety information
The meter complies with EU standard
1.4 Maintenance
1.4.1 Don't try to open the meter bottom case to adjust or repair. Such
operations only can be operated by technicians who fully understand the
meter and electrical shock hazard.
1.4.2 Before opening the meter bottom case or battery cover, it should remove
probe from the circuit to be measured.
1.4.3 To avoid incorrect readings and possibly causing electric shock, when
" " appears on the meter display, replace the battery immediately.
1.4.4 Clean the meter with damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not use
abrasives or solvents.
1.4.5 When the meter is not used, switch the measuring range to OFF
1.4.6 If the meter is not used for long time, remove the battery to prevent
damage to the meter.

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