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MSP430FR6043, MSP430FR60431, MSP430FR6041
MSP430FR5043, MSP430FR50431, MSP430FR5041
MSP430FR604x, MSP430FR504x ultrasonic sensing MSP430™ microcontrollers for gas
and water flow metering applications
1 Device Overview
1.1 Features
• Best-in-class ultrasonic water and gas flow
measurement with ultra-low power consumption
– Water
– ±12.5-ps differential time of flight (dToF)
accuracy at low to high flow rates and across
operating temperature
– Achieves ±1% accuracy for a wide dynamic
range of 500:1
– Ability to measure a maximum flow rate of
8800 liters/hour (40 gallons/minute) on
25mm diameter pipe
– Ability to detect a minimum flow rate of
<1 liter/hour (0.005 gallons/minute)
– High-precision time measurement resolution
of <5 ps
– Approximately 3-µA overall current
consumption with 1 set of results per second
– Ability to support a wide pipe sizes with
15mm to 1000-mm diameter
– Gas
– ±250-ps differential time of flight (dToF)
accuracy at low to high flow rates and across
operating temperature
– Achieves ±1% accuracy up to
12000 liters/hour with a wide dynamic range
of 200:1
– Ability to measure a flow rate
>25000 liters/hour
– Ability to detect a minimum flow rate of
<3 liters/hour
– High-precision time measurement resolution
of <100 ps
– Approximately 20-µA overall current
consumption with 1 set of results per second
• Compliant to and exceeds ISO4064, OIML R49,
EN 14236 and EN 1434 accuracy standards
• Ability to directly interface standard ultrasonic
sensors (up to 2.5 MHz)
• Integrated analog front end – Ultrasonic Sensing
Solution (USS_A) that includes
– Programmable pulse generator (PPG) to
generate multi-tone pulses at various
– Integrated PHY with low-impedance output
driver (4 Ω) to control input and output channels
– High-performance high-speed 12-bit analog-to-
digital converter (SDHS) with output data rates
up to 8 Msps
– Programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with
–6.5 dB to 30.8 dB
– High-performance PLL with output range of
68 to 80 MHz
• Metering test interface (MTIF)
– Pulse generator and pulse counter
– Pulse rates up to 1024 pulses per second (p/s)
– Count capacity up to 65535 (16 bit)
– Operates in LPM3.5 with 200 nA (typical)
• Low-energy accelerator (LEA)
– Operation independent of CPU
– 8KB of RAM shared with CPU
– Efficient 256-point complex FFT: Up to 40x
faster than Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core
• Embedded microcontroller
– 16-bit RISC architecture up to 16MHz clock
– Wide supply voltage range: 1.8 V to 3.6 V (1)
• Optimized ultra-low-power modes
– Active mode: approximately 120 µA/MHz
– Standby mode with real-time clock (RTC)
(LPM3.5): 450 nA (2)
– Shutdown (LPM4.5): 30 nA
• Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM)
– Up to 64KB of nonvolatile memory
– Ultra-low-power writes
– Fast write at 125 ns per word (64KB in 4 ms)
– Unified memory = program + data + storage in
one single space
– 1015 write cycle endurance
– Radiation resistant and nonmagnetic
• Intelligent digital peripherals
– 32-bit hardware multiplier (MPY)
– 6-channel internal DMA
– RTC with calendar and alarm functions
– 6 16-bit timers with up to 7 capture/compare
registers each
– 32-bit and 16-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
• High-performance analog
– 12-channel analog comparator
(1) Minimum supply voltage is restricted by SVS levels, see the
SVS Specifications)
(2) The RTC is clocked by a 3.7-pF crystal.
An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications,
intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. PRODUCTION DATA.

MSP430FR6043, MSP430FR60431, MSP430FR6041
MSP430FR5043, MSP430FR50431, MSP430FR5041
– 12-bit ADC featuring window comparator,
internal reference, and sample-and-hold, with up
to 8 external input channels
– Integrated LCD driver with contrast control for
up to 248 segments
• Multifunction input/output ports
– All pins support capacitive-touch capability with
no need for external components
– Accessible bit-, byte-, and word-wise (in pairs)
– Edge-selectable wake from LPM on all ports
– Programmable pullup and pulldown on all ports
• Code security and encryption
– 128- or 256-bit AES security encryption and
decryption coprocessor
– Random number seed for random number
generation algorithms
– IP encapsulation protects memory from external
– FRAM provides inherent security advantages
• Enhanced serial communication
– Up to 4 eUSCI_A serial communication ports
– UART with automatic baud-rate detection
– IrDA encode and decode
1.2 Applications
• Ultrasonic smart water meters
• Ultrasonic smart gas meters
– Up to 2 eUSCI_B serial communication ports
– I2C with multiple-slave addressing
– Hardware UART or I2C bootloader (BSL)
• Flexible clock system
– Fixed-frequency DCO with 10 selectable factory-
trimmed frequencies
– Low-power low-frequency internal clock source
– 32-kHz crystals (LFXT)
– High-frequency crystals (HFXT)
• Development tools and software
Ultrasonic Sensing Design Center graphical
user interface
Ultrasonic sensing software library
EVM430-FR6043 gas meter evaluation module
MSP-TS430PN80C target socket board for 80-
pin package
Free professional development environments
with EnergyTrace++ technology
MSP430Ware for MSP microcontrollers
Device Comparison summarizes the available
device variants and package options
• For complete module descriptions, see the
MSP430FR58xx, MSP430FR59xx, and
MSP430FR6xx Family User's Guide
• Ultrasonic smart heat meters
• Flow transmitters
1.3 Description
The Texas Instruments MSP430FR6043 SoCs are part of the MSP430 Ultrasonic Sensing microcontroller
(MCU) family and are powerful, highly integrated devices designed for ultrasonic water, heat, and gas
meters. These MCUs offer an integrated Ultrasonic Sensing Solution (USS_A) module, which provides
high accuracy for a wide range of flow rates. The USS_A helps provide ultra-low-power metering
combined with lower system cost due to maximum integration and requires very few external components.
MSP430FR6043 devices implement high-speed ADC-based signal acquisition followed by optimized
digital signal processing using the low-energy accelerator (LEA) to deliver a high-accuracy metering
solution with ultra-low power optimum for battery-powered metering applications.
The USS_A module includes a programmable pulse generator (PPG) and a physical interface (PHY) with
a low impedance output driver for optimum sensor excitation and accurate impendence matching to
deliver best results for zero-flow drift (ZFD). The USS_A module also includes a programmable gain
amplifier (PGA) and a high-speed 12-bit 8-Msps sigma-delta ADC (SDHS) for accurate signal acquisition
from industry standard ultrasonic transducers.
The MSP430FR6043 MCUs also integrate other peripherals to improve system integration for metering. It
has a metering test interface (MTIF) module to implement pulse generation to indicate flow measured by
the meter. It also has an on-chip 8-mux LCD driver, real-time clock (RTC), 12-bit SAR ADC, analog
comparator, advanced encryption (AES256), and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) modules.
2 Device Overview
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