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PA4322 Datasheet - Shielded Drum Core Inductor

PA4322   PA4322  

Datasheet: PA4322 datasheet

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Description: Pulse Jack Shielded Drum Core Inductor PA4322,PA4318,PA4319 Series Electronic s Height: PA4322 (3.1mm Max), PA4318 ( 3.2mm Max), PA4319 (4.1mm Max) Foot print: PA4322 (5.1x5.1mm Max), PA4318 ( 6.1x6.1mm Max), PA4319 (7.3x7.3mm Max) Current Rating: up to 3.98A Indu ctance Range: 2.2uH to 680uH PART NUMB ER PA4322NL SERIES PA4322.222NLT PA4322 .472NLT PA4322.103NLT PA4322.223NLT PA4 322.473NLT PA4322.683NLT PA4322.104NLT PA4322.224NLT PA4322.394NLT PA4318NL SE RIES PA4318.472NLT PA4318.682NLT PA4318 .103NLT PA4318.153NLT PA4318.223NLT PA4 318.473NLT PA4318.683NLT PA4318.104NLT INDUCTANCE 100 KHz, 100 mV (uH±20%) 2 .2 4.7 10 22 47 68 100 220 390 4.7 6.8 10 15 22 47 68 100 Electrical Specif

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Shielded Drum Core Inductor

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