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Part Number PC817X
Description Photocoupler
Feature PC817X Series PC817X Series ∗ DIP 4p in General Purpose Photocoupler 4-chan nel package type is also available.
(mo del No.
PC847X Series) ■ Description PC817X Series contains an IRED optical ly coupled to a phototransistor.
It is packaged in a 4pin DIP, available in wi de-lead spacing option and SMT gullwing lead-form option.
Input-output isolati on voltage(rms) is 5.
Collector-emi tter voltage is 80V(*) and CTR is 50% t o 600% at input current of 5mA.
■ Ag ency approvals/Compliance 1.
Recognized by UL1577 (Double protection isolation ), file No.
E64380 (as model No.
PC817) 2.
Package resin : .
Manufacture Sharp
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Part Number PC817XNNSZ1B
Description DIP 4pin Photocoupler
Feature PC817XxNSZ1B Series PC817XxNSZ1B Series DIP 4pin Photocoupler  Description PC817XxNSZ1B Series contains an IRED o ptically coupled to a phototransistor.
It is packaged in a 4-pin DIP.
Input-ou tput isolation voltage(rms) is 5kV.
Col lector-emitter voltage is 80V.
CTR is 5 0% to 400% (at IF=5mA,VCE=5V,Ta=25℃)  Agency approvals/Compliance 1.
Rec ognized by UL1577 (Double protection is olation), file No.
E64380 (as model No.
PC817) 2.
Approved by CSA file No.
CA9 5323 (as model No.
PC817) 3.
Package re sin : UL flammability grade (94V-0) Features 1.
4-pin DIP package 2.
Doub le transfer mold packa .
Manufacture Sharp
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Part Number PC817XNNSZ0F
Description Photocoupler
Feature PC817XNNSZ0F Series DIP 4pin Photocoupl er PC817XNNSZ0F ■Description PC817X NNSZ0F Series contains an IRED opticall y coupled to a phototransistor.
It is p ackaged in a 4-pin DIP.
Input-output is olation voltage(rms) is 5kV.
Collector- emitter voltage is 80V.
■Agency appr ovals/Compliance 1.
Approved by UL file No.
E64380 (as model No.
PC817) 2.
App roved by CSA file No.
CA95323 (as model No.
PC817) 3.
Package resin : UL flamm ability grade (94V-0) ■Features 1.
4 -pin DIP package 2.
Double transfer mol d package (Ideal for Flow Soldering) 3.
High isolation voltage between input a nd output (Viso(rms) .
Manufacture Sharp
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