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Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Indoor Air Quality Sensor




Part Number SGP30
Description Indoor Air Quality Sensor
Feature Datasheet SGP30 Indoor Air Quality Senso r for TVOC and CO2eq Measurements  M ulti-pixel gas sensor for indoor air qu ality applications  Outstanding long -term stability  I2C interface with TVOC and CO2eq output signals  Very small 6-pin DFN package: 2.
45 x 2.
45 x 0.
9 mm3  Low power consumption: 48 m A at 1.
8V  Tape and reel packaged, r eflow solderable Product Summary The S GP30 is a digital multi-pixel gas senso r designed for easy integration into ai r purifier, demand-controlled ventilati on, and IoT applications.
Sensirion’s CMOSens® technology offers a complete sensor system on a single ch .
Manufacture SENSIRION
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Part Number SGP30N60HS
Description High Speed IGBT
Feature SGP30N60HS SGW30N60HS High Speed IGBT in NPT-technology C
• 30% lower Eoff c ompared to previous generation
• Shor t circuit withstand time – 10 µs
• Designed for operation above 30 kHz NPT-Technology for 600V applications offers: - parallel switching capability - moderate Eoff increase with temperat ure - very tight parameter distribution

• G E PG-TO-220-3-1 PG -TO-247-3 High ruggedness, temperature stable behaviour Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant Qualified according to JEDEC1 for target applications Complete product spectrum and PSpice Models : h ttp://www.
com/igbt/ VCE .
Manufacture Infineon
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Part Number SGP30N60
Description Fast S-IGBT
Feature Preliminary data SGP30N60, SGB30N60, SG W30N60 Fast S-IGBT in NPT-Technology 75 % lower Eoff compared to previous generation
• Short circuit withstand time 10 µs
• Designed for moderate a nd high frequency applications: - SMPS and PFC up to 150 kHz - Inverter, Motor controls
• NPT-Technology for 600V a pplications offers: - tighter parameter distribution - higher ruggedness, temp erature stable behaviour - parallel swi tching capability combined with low con duction losses Type SGP30N60 SGB30N60 SGW30N60 VCE 600 V IC 30 A VCE(sat) 2.
5 V Tj Package TO-263AB TO-247AC O rdering Code Q67041-A47 .
Manufacture Siemens
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