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Si1004 Datasheet - 10-Bit ADC MCU

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Datasheet: Si1004 datasheet

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Description: Si1000/1/2/3/4/5 Ultra Low Power, 64/32 kB, 10-Bit ADC MCU with Integrated 240 960 MHz EZRadioPRO® Transceiver Ult ra Low Power: 0.9 to 3.6 V Operation - Typical sleep mode current < 0.1 µA; r etains state and RAM contents over full supply range; fast wakeup of < 2 µs - Less than 600 nA with RTC running - Le ss than 1 µA with RTC running and radi o state retained - On-chip dc-dc conver ter allows operation down to 0.9 V. - T wo built-in brown-out detectors cover s leep and active modes 10-Bit Analog to Digital Converter - Up to 300 ksps - Up to 18 external inputs - External pin o r internal VREF (no external capacitor required) - Built-in temperature sensor - External conversion start input option

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Silicon Laboratories


10-Bit ADC MCU

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