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Datasheet: Si2434 datasheet

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Description: Si2457/Si2434/Si2415 V. 9 0 , V. 3 4 , V. 3 2 B I S I S O M O D E M ® W I T H I N T E GR A T E D G L O B A L D A A F eatures Data modem formats ITU-T, Bell 300 bps up to 56 kbps V.21,V.22, V.29 Fast Connect V.42, V.42bis, MNP2-5 Auto matic rate negotiation Type I and II ca ller ID decode No external ROM or RAM r equired UART or parallel interface AT c ommand set support Applications Set-top boxes Point-of-sale terminals ATM term inals Integrated DAA Over 5000 V Capac itive isolation Parallel phone detect G lobally-compliant line interface Overcu rrent detection 27 MHz clock input 3.3 V power Firmware upgradeable EEPROM int erface Digital video recorder Digital t elevisions Remote monitoring Descrip

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