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Datasheet: Si3212 datasheet

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Description: Si3210/Si3211/Si3212 PROSLIC™ PROGRAM MABLE CMOS SLIC/CODEC WIT H RI NG ING / BAT TERY VOLTAGE GENERATIO N Features Performs all BORSCHT Functions Ideal f or Short Loop Applications (5 REN at 2 kft, 3 REN at 4 kft) Low Voltage CMOS P ackage: 38-Pin TSSOP Compliant with Rel evant LSSGR and CCITT Specifications Ba ttery Voltage Generated Dynamically wit h On-Chip DC-DC Converter Controller (S i3210 only) 5 REN Ringing Generator Pro grammable Frequency, Amplitude, Wavesha pe, and Cadence Programmable AC Impedan ce A-Law/µ-Law, Linear PCM Companding On-Hook Transmission Applications Prog rammable Constant Current Feed (20–41 mA) Programmable Loop Closure and Ring Trip Thresholds with Debouncing Loop or

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