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TP2020L Datasheet - P-Channel Enhancement-Mode MOS Transistors

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Siliconix TP1220L, TP/VP2020L, BSS92 P ĆChannel EnhancementĆMode MOS Transis tors Product Summary Part Number TP12 20L TP2020L VP2020L BSS92 V(BR)DSS Min (V) -120 -200 -200 -200 rDS(on) Max ( W) 20 @ VGS = -4.5 V 20 @ VGS = -4.5 V 20 @ VGS = -4.5 V 20 @ VGS = -10 V VGS (th) (V) -1 to -2.4 -1 to -2.4 -0.8 to -2.5 -0.8 to -2.8 ID (A) -0.12 -0.12 - 0.12 -0.15 Features D HighĆSide Switc hing D Secondary Breakdown Free: -220 V D Low OnĆResistance: 11.5 W D LowĆPo wer/Voltage Driven D Excellent Thermal Stability Benefits D Ease in Driving S witches D FullĆVoltage Operation D Low Offset Voltage D Easily Driven Without Buffer D No HighĆTemperature RunĆAw ay" Applications D Drivers: Relays, Solenoi

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P-Channel Enhancement-Mode MOS Transistors

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