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Music Calling Bell

Music Calling Bell




Part Number UM66
Description Music Calling Bell
Feature www.
com Musical Calling Bel l By Kalyan Prodhan www.
tk Connection Diagram Component List w ith cost (Approximate) Component Descri ption (IC and Transistor) Precaution Mo dification for adaptation This is the s implest ever musical calling bell that can be easily built.
It uses the musica l 3 pin IC UM66 and a popularly known T ransistor BC548b.
The circuit can be ma de even without soldering and the ideal for the first electronic project for n ewbies.
Here the musical IC UM66 genera tes the music when it receives supply a nd drives a small speaker through a cla ss c amplifier .
Manufacture ETC
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Part Number UM66xx
Description Pin Diode
Feature .
Manufacture Microsemi
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Part Number UM66T68S
Description Simple Melody Generator
Feature ; =_=_amcm___----‘_= F z-d @.
UM66T S eries Simple Melody Generator Features n 62-note ROM memory n 1.
3V to 3.
3V op erating voltage and low power con- sump tion n Dynamic speaker can be driven wi th an external NPN transistor.
n OSC.
resistor is built- in n One-shot mode o r level-hold mode can be selected n Pow er on reset; melody begins from the fir st note n Direct piezo drive.
General Description The UM66T series is a CMOS LSI designed for use in door bells, tel ephones and toy applications.
It is an on-chip ROM programmed for musical perf ormance.
Produced by CMOS technology, t he device result .
Manufacture UMC
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