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X20C04 Datasheet - Nonvolatile Static RAM

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Datasheet: X20C04 datasheet

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Description: X20C04 4K X20C04 Nonvolatile Static RAM 512 x 8 Bit FEATURES DESCRIPTION Th e Xicor X20C04 is a 512 x 8 NOVRAM feat uring a static RAM overlaid bit-for-bit with a nonvolatile electrically erasab le PROM (E2PROM). The X20C04 is fabrica ted with advanced CMOS floating gate te chnology to achieve low power and wide power-supply margin. The X20C04 feature s the JEDEC approved pinout for bytewid e memories, compatible with industry st andard RAMs, ROMs, EPROMs, and E2PROMs. The NOVRAM design allows data to be ea sily transferred from RAM to E2PROM (st ore) and E2PROM to RAM (recall). The st ore operation is completed in 5ms or le ss and the recall operation is complete d in 5┬Ás or less. Xicor NOVRAMS are

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Nonvolatile Static RAM

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