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X24C08 Datasheet - Serial E2PROM

X24C08   X24C08  

Datasheet: X24C08 datasheet

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Description: XPr2e4liCm0in8ary Information 8K X24C0 8 1024 x 8 Bit Serial E2PROM TYPICAL FEATURES • 2.7V to 5.5V Power Supply • Low Power CMOS —Active Read Curr ent Less Than 1 mA —Active Write Curr ent Less Than 3 mA —Standby Current L ess Than 50 µA • Internally Organize d 1024 x 8 • 2 Wire Serial Interface —Bidirectional Data Transfer Protocol • Sixteen Byte Page Write Mode —Mi nimizes Total Write Time Per Byte • S elf Timed Write Cycle —Typical Write Cycle Time of 5 ms • High Reliability —Endurance: 100,000 Cycles —Data R etention: 100 Years • 8 Pin Mini-DlP, 8 Pin SOIC and 14 Pin SOIC Packages D ESCRIPTION The X24C08 is a CMOS 8,192 b it serial E2PROM, internally organized 1024 x 8. The X24C08 features

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Serial E2PROM

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