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X24C44 Datasheet - Serial Nonvolatile Static RAM

X24C44   X24C44  

Datasheet: X24C44 datasheet

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Description: APPLICATION NOTES A V A I L A B L E AN3 • AN7 • AN8 • AN15 • AN16 • A N25 • AN29 • AN30 • AN35 • AN36 • AN39 • AN56 • AN69 X24C44 256 Bit X24C44 Serial Nonvolatile Static RAM 16 x 16 Bit FEATURES DESCRIPTION The Xicor X24C44 is a serial 256 bit N OVRAM featuring a static RAM configured 16 x 16, overlaid bit-by-bit with a no nvolatile E2PROM array. The X24C44 is f abricated with Xicor’s Advanced CMOS Floating Gate technology. The Xicor NOV RAM design allows data to be transferre d between the two memory arrays by mean s of software commands or external hard ware inputs. A store operation (RAM dat a to E2PROM) is completed in 5ms or les s and a recall operation (E2PROM data to RAM) is completed in

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Serial Nonvolatile Static RAM

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