XP232N0301TR-G Datasheet

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XP232N0301TR-G Datasheet - N-channel MOSFET

XP232N0301TR-G   XP232N0301TR-G  

Datasheet: XP232N0301TR-G datasheet

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Description: XP232N0301TR-G N-channel MOSFET 30V, 0.3 A ■FEATURES On-State Resistance Driv ing voltage Environmentally Friendly : RDS(on)=2.0Ω @VGS =10V : 4.5V : EU Ro HS Compliant, Pb Free ■APPLICATIONS ●Switching ETR11042-001a ■EQUIVAL ENT CIRCUIT ■PIN CONFIGURATION ●SO T-23(TO-236) Drain 3 1 Gate 2 Source ■ PRODUCT NAME PRODUCT NAME PACKAG E ORDER UNIT XP232N0301TR-G * SOT-23 (TO-236) 3,000 pcs/ Reel * The “-G suffix denotes Halogen and Antimony free as well as being fully EU RoHS com pliant ■ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PA RAMETER SYMBOL Drain-Source Voltage VDSS Gate-Source Voltage VGSS Drain Current (DC) ID Drain Current(Pulse) (*1) IDP Channel Power Dissipation (*2) Pd Junction T

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N-channel MOSFET

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