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ZMM55B7V5 Datasheet - Zener diode

ZMM55B7V5   ZMM55B7V5  

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ZMM55B Series Zener diode Features 1. Small surface mounting type 2. High rel iability Applications Voltage stabiliz ation Absolute Maximum Ratings Tj=25 Parameter Power dissipation Z-curren t Junction temperature Storage temperat ure range Test Conditions RthJA≦300K /W Type Symbol PV IZ Tj Tstg Value 5 00 PV/VZ 175 -65~+175 Unit mW mA ℃ Maximum Thermal Resistance Tj=25 Parameter Test Conditions Symbol Value Unit Junction ambient on PC bo ard 50mm×50mm×1.6mm RthJA 500 K/W Stresses exceeding maximum ratings may damage the device. Maximum ratings are stress ratings only. Functional operat ion above the recommended operating co nditions is not implied. Extended exposure to st

Manufacture Part Number Description

Excel Semiconductor


Zener diode

Formosa MS



Yangzhou Yangjie


Zener Diodes

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