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N-Channel MOSFET

N-Channel MOSFET




Part Number P75NF75
Description N-Channel MOSFET
Feature isc N-Channel MOSFET Transistor ·FEATUR ES ·With TO-220 packaging ·High speed switching ·Low gate input resistance ·Standard level gate drive ·Easy to u se ·100% avalanche tested ·Minimum Lo t-to-Lot variations for robust device p erformance and reliable operation ·AP PLICATIONS ·Power supply ·Switching a pplications ·ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25℃) SYMBOL PARAMETER VALUE V DSS Drain-Source Voltage 75 VGSS Ga te-Source Voltage ±20 ID Drain Curr ent-Continuous 80 IDM Drain Current- Single Pulsed 320 PD Total Dissipati on 300 Tj Operating Junction Tempera ture 175 Tstg Storage Temp .
Manufacture INCHANGE
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Part Number p75nf75
Description STP75NF75
Feature STB75NF75 STP75NF75 - STP75NF75FP N-chan nel 75V - 0.
0095Ω - 80A - TO-220 - TO -220FP - D2PAK STripFET™ II Power MOS FET General features Type STB75NF75 STP 75NF75 STP75NF75FP VDSS 75V 75V 75V RDS (on) <0.
011Ω <0.
011Ω <0.
011Ω ID 8 0A(1) 80A(1) 80A(1) TO-220 3 1 2 1 3 2 TO-220FP 1.
Current limited by packag e ■ ■ Exceptional dv/dt capability 100% avalanche tested 3 1 Description This Power MOSFET series realized with STMicroelectronics unique STripFET™ process has specifically been designed to minimize input capacitance and gate charge.
It is therefore suitable as pri mary switch in advanced highef .
Manufacture STMicroelectronics
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