Rechargeable Cell. INR18650-15L1 Datasheet

INR18650-15L1 Cell. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Part INR18650-15L1
Description Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cell
Feature Model -SAMSUNG SDI Confidential Proprietary – INR18650-15L Version No. 3.22 SPECIFICATION OF PRO.
Manufacture Samsung
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Model -SAMSUNG SDI Confidential Proprietary – INR18650-15L INR18650-15L1 Datasheet
Recommendation Recommendation Datasheet INR18650-15L1 Datasheet

-SAMSUNG SDI Confidential Proprietary
INR18650-15L Version No.
for Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cell
Model : INR18650-15L1
NMC version
Jul., 2010
Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
Energy Business Division

-SAMSUNG SDI Confidential Proprietary
Model INR18650-15L Version No. 3.22
Sang-Uck Kim
1. Scope
2. Description and model name
2.1. Description
2.2. Model name
3. Nominal specification
4. Outline dimensions
5. Appearance
6. Standard test conditions
6.1. Environmental conditions
6.2. Measuring equipments
7. Characteristics
7.1. Standard charge
7.2. Standard discharge capacity
7.3 Standard rated discharge capacity
7.4. Initial internal impedance
7.5. Temperature dependence of discharge capacity
7.6. Temperature dependence of charge capacity
7.7. Charge rate capabilities
7.8. Discharge rate capabilities
7.9. Cycle life
7.10. Storage characteristics
7.11. Status of the cell as of ex-factory
8. Mechanical Characteristics
8.1. Drop test
8.2. Vibration test
9. Safety
9.1 Overcharge test
9.2 External short-circuit test
9.3 Reverse charge test
9.4 Heating test
10. Warranty
11. Others
11.1 Storage for a long time
11.2 Others
12. Packing
Proper use and handling of lithium ion cells
Handling precaution and prohibitions of lithium Ion rechargeable cells and batteries
Samsung SDI emergency contact information
Additional remarks
Revision history
- 1/17 -

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