3.3V Regulator. LM2936-3.3 Datasheet

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Part LM2936-3.3
Description Ultra-Low Quiescent Current 3.3V Regulator
Feature LM2936-3.3 Ultra-Low Quiescent Current 3.3V Regulator June 2002 LM2936-3.3 Ultra-Low Quiescent Cu.
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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June 2002
Ultra-Low Quiescent Current 3.3V Regulator
General Description
The LM2936-3.3 ultra-low quiescent current regulator fea-
tures low dropout voltage and low current in the standby
mode. With less than 20 µA quiescent current at a 100 µA
load, the LM2936-3.3 is ideally suited for automotive and
other battery operated systems. The LM2936-3.3 retains all
of the features that are common to low dropout regulators
including a low dropout PNP pass device, short circuit pro-
tection, reverse battery protection, and thermal shutdown.
The LM2936-3.3 has a 40V maximum operating voltage
limit, a −40˚C to +125˚C operating temperature range, and
±3% output voltage tolerance over the entire output current,
input voltage, and temperature range. The LM2936-3.3 is
available in a TO-92 package, a SO-8 surface mount pack-
age, as well as SOT-223 and TO-252 surface mount power
n Ultra low quiescent current (IQ 20 µA for IO = 100 µA)
n Fixed 3.3V, 50 mA output
n ±2% Initial output tolerance
n ±3% Output tolerance over line, load, and temperature
n Dropout voltage typically 200 mV @ IO = 50 mA
n Reverse battery protection
n −50V reverse transient protection
n Internal short circuit current limit
n Internal thermal shutdown protection
n 40V operating voltage limit
n 60V operating voltage limit for LM2936HV
n Shutdown pin available with LM2936BM package
Typical Application
* Required if regulator is located more than 2" from power supply filter capacitor.
** Required for stability. Must be rated for 22 µF minimum over intended operating temperature range. Effective series resistance (ESR) is critical, see
curve. Locate capacitor as close as possible to the regulator output and ground pins. Capacitance may be increased without bound.
Connection Diagrams
Top View
Order Number LM2936DT-3.3
See NS Package Number TD03B
© 2002 National Semiconductor Corporation DS101324
Top View
Order Number LM2936MP-3.3
See NS Package Number MA04A

Connection Diagrams (Continued)
8-Pin SO (M)
Top View
Order Number LM2936M-3.3
See NS Package Number M08A
8-Pin SO (M)
Bottom View
Order Number LM2936Z-3.3
See NS Package Number Z03A
8-Pin Mini SOIC (MM)
Top View
Order Number LM2936BM-3.3, LM2936HVBMA-3.3
See NS Package Number M08A
Top View
Order Number LM2936MM-3.3
See NS Package Number MUA08A

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