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4 GByte NANDrive
Fact Sheet
The SST85LD1004T NANDrive™ solid-state (SSD) drive combines a NAND controller and
4 GBytes of NAND flash in a multi-chip package. It provides complete ATA/IDE hard disk
drive functionality in a small package for easy, space-saving mounting to a system mother-
board. This makes the SST85LD1004T NANDrive SSD the ideal data storage solution for
mobile and embedded electronic products that require smaller and more reliable storage.
• Industry Standard ATA/IDE Bus Interface
– Host Interface: 16-bit access
– Supports up to PIO Mode-6
– Supports up to Multi-word DMA Mode-4
– Supports up to Ultra DMA Mode-4
• Low Power, 3.3V Power Supply
• 5.0V or 3.3V Host Interface Through VDDQ Pins
• Low Current Operation:
– Active mode: 220 mA Maximum
– Sleep mode: 120 µA Typical
• Power Management Unit
– Immediate disabling of unused circuitry without host
– Zero wake-up latency
• Expanded Data Protection
– WP#/PD# pin configurable by firmware for
prevention of data overwrites
– Data security through user-selectable protection zones
with advanced NAND management technology
• 20-byte Unique ID for Enhanced Security
– Factory Pre-programmed 10-byte Unique ID
– User-Programmable 10-byte ID
• Integrated Voltage Detector
– Prevents data loss due to unexpected power-down or
• Endurance
– 100 Million write cycles with advanced NAND manage-
ment technology
• Data Retention
– 10 years
• Pre-programmed Embedded Firmware
– Executes industry standard ATA/IDE commands
– Implements advanced wear-leveling algorithms to sub-
stantially increase the longevity of flash media
– Embedded Flash File System
• Robust Built-in ECC
• Multi-tasking Technology Enables Fast
Sustained Write Performance (Host-to-Flash)
– Up to 20 MByte/sec
• Fast Sustained Read Performance (Flash-to-Host)
– Up to 20 MByte/sec
• Industrial Temperature Range
– -40°C to +85°C for industrial operation
• LBGA package
– 12mm x 24mm
• All Devices are RoHS Compliant
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SST85LD1004T Datasheet
Recommendation SST85LD1004T Datasheet
Part SST85LD1004T
Description 4 GByte NANDrive
Feature SST85LD1004T; 4 GByte NANDrive SST85LD1004T Fact Sheet The SST85LD1004T NANDrive™ solid-state (SSD) drive combines.
Manufacture SST
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4 GByte NANDrive
Fact Sheet
Product Description
The SST85LD1004T NANDrive™ solid-state drive (SSD) is a high-performance, fully-integrated,
embedded flash solid state drive. It combines an integrated ATA Controller and 4GByte of NAND Flash
in a multi-chip package. This product is ideal for solid state mass storage applications offering new and
expanded functionality while enabling cost effective designs.
ATA-based solid state mass storage technology is widely used in portable and desktop computers,
digital cameras, music players, handheld data collection scanners, cellular phones, PCS phones,
PDAs, handy terminals, personal communicators, robotics, audio recorders, monitoring devices,
and set-top boxes.
SST NANDrive is a single device, solid state drive designed for embedded ATA/IDE protocol sys-
tems and supports standard ATA/IDE protocol with up to PIO Mode-6, Multi-word DMA Mode-4
and Ultra DMA Mode-4 interface. The built in microcontroller and file management firmware com-
municates with ATA standard interfaces; thereby eliminating the need for additional or proprietary
software such as Flash File System (FFS) and Memory Technology Driver (MTD) software.
The SST85LD1004T NANDrive provides complete IDE Hard Disk Drive functionality and compatibility
in a 12mm x 24mm BGA package for easy, space saving mounting to a system motherboard. It is a
perfect solution for portable, consumer electronic products requiring smaller and more reliable data
The NANDrive provides a WP#/PD# pin to protect critical information stored in the flash media
from unauthorized overwrites.
The NANDrive is pre-programmed with a 10-byte unique serial ID. For even greater system security,
the user has the option of programming an additional 10 Bytes of ID space to create a unique, 20-byte
NANDrive SSD is available with advanced NAND management technology, a NAND memory manage-
ment technology that enhances data security, significantly improves endurance, and accurately pre-
dicts the minimum life span of NAND flash devices. Advanced NAND management technology
combines NAND controller hardware error correction, advanced wear leveling algorithms, and bad
block management to extend the life of the product.
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4 GByte NANDrive
General Description
Fact Sheet
Each NANDrive contains an integrated ATA Controller and one or more NAND Flash dice in a LBGA
package. Refer to Figure 1 for the NANDrive block diagram.
Performance-optimized NANDrive
The heart of the NANDrive is the ATA Flash Disk Controller which translates standard ATA signals into
flash media data and control signals. The following components contribute to the NANDrive’s opera-
Microcontroller Unit (MCU)
The MCU translates ATA/IDE commands into data and control signals required for flash media operation.
Internal Direct Memory Access (DMA)
The NANDrive uses internal DMA allowing instant data transfer from buffer to flash media. This imple-
mentation eliminates microcontroller overhead associated with the traditional, firmware-based
approach, thereby increasing the data transfer rate.
Power Management Unit (PMU)
The power management unit controls the power consumption of the NANDrive. The PMU dramatically
reduces the power consumption of the NANDrive by putting the part of the circuitry that is not in oper-
ation into sleep mode.
The Flash File System handles inadvertent power interrupts and has auto-recovery capability to insure
NANDrive firmware integrity. For regular power management, the Host must send an Idle_Immediate
command and wait for command ready before powering down the NANDrive.
SRAM Buffer
A key contributor to the NANDrive performance is an SRAM buffer. The buffer optimizes the host’s data
transfer to and from the flash media.
Embedded Flash File System
The embedded flash file system is an integral part of the NANDrive. It contains MCU firmware that per-
forms the following tasks:
1. Translates host side signals into flash media writes and reads.
2. Provides flash media wear leveling to spread the flash writes across all memory address
space to increase the longevity of flash media.
3. Keeps track of data file structures.
Error Correction Code (ECC)
High performance is achieved through optimized hardware error detection and correction.
Serial Communication Interface (SCI)
The Serial Communication Interface (SCI) is designed for manufacturing error reporting. Always pro-
vide access to the SCI interface in the PCB design to aid in design validation.
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