8051-Based MCU. MG74PG1A08 Datasheet

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Megawin MG74PG1A08
8051-Based MCU
Data Sheet
Version: 0.25
This document contains information on a new product under development by Megawin. Megawin reserves the right to change or
discontinue this product without notice.
Megawin Technology Co., Ltd. 2005 All rights reserved.
2016/11 version 0.25

MG74PG1A08 Datasheet
Recommendation MG74PG1A08 Datasheet
Part MG74PG1A08
Description 8051-Based MCU
Feature MG74PG1A08; 8051-Based MCU MG74PG1A08 Data Sheet Version: 0.25 This document contains information on a new pro.
Manufacture Megawin
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Megawin MG74PG1A08
1-T 80C51 Central Processing Unit
MG74PG1A08 with 8K Bytes OTP ROM
Code protection for OTP memory access
OTP data retention: 10 years at 85°C
On-chip 256 bytes scratch-pad RAM
Interrupt controller
6 sources, two-level-priority interrupt capability
Two external interrupt inputs, nINT0 and nINT1
All external interrupts support High/Low level or Rising/Falling edge trigger
Two 16-bit timer/counters, Timer 0 and Timer 1
T0CKO on P1.4, T1CKO on P1.5
X12 mode enabled for T0/T1
Programmable 16-bit counter/timer Array (PCA) with one capture/compare module.
Capture mode, 16-bit software timer mode and High speed output mode
8-bit PWM mode, 16-bit PWM, double channel 8-bit PWM
Keypad Interrupt function on all GPIO.
Enhanced UART0 (S0)
Framing Error Detection
Speed improvement mechanism (X2 mode)
SPI master/Slave support in mode 4/6
Two wire interface Start/Stop detection (STWI, IIC compatible)
USB Device Controller
USB Full speed (12Mbps) operation and USB specification 2.0 compliant
Intel 8X931 like USB control flow
Built-in USB transceiver and 3.3V regulator
Integrated clock recovery, no external crystal required
8-bytes FIFO for EP0 control In/Out
8-bytes FIFO for EP1 INT/BULK In
16-bytes FIFO for EP2 INT/BULK In/Out (default: In)
Software-controlled USB connection/disconnection mechanism
Programmable Watchdog Timer, clock sourced from ILRCO (64KHz)
One time enabled by CPU or power-on
Interrupt CPU or Reset CPU on WDT overflow
Support WDT function in power down mode (watch mode)
Maximum 11 GPIOs in SOP16 package
P3 can be configured to quasi-bidirectional, push-pull output, open-drain output and analog-input-only
P1 can be configured to open-drain with pull-up resistor, push-pull output, open-drain and
Multiple power control modes: idle mode, power-down mode, slow mode, sub-clock mode, watch mode and
monitor mode.
All interrupts can wake up IDLE mode
8 sources to wake up Power-Down mode
Slow mode and sub-clock mode support low speed MCU operation
Watch mode supports WDT to resume CPU in power down
One POR & Two Brown-Out Detectors
POR: detect 1.95V (2.3V Select by SFR)
BOD0: detect 2.1V (2.6V Select by SFR)
MG74PG1A08 Data Sheet

Megawin MG74PG1A08
BOD1: detect 3.6V
Interrupt CPU or reset CPU
Operating voltage range(with LDO): 2.3V – 5.5V (RMLS=0)
Operating voltage range(without LDO, for battery): 2.0V – 3.6V (RMLS=0)
Operation frequency range: 12MHz(max)
0 – 6MHz @ 2.0V – 5.5V, 0 – 12MHz @ 2.4V – 5.5V, 0 – 24MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V
CPU up to 3MHz @ 2.0V – 5.5V, up to 6MHz @ 2.4V – 5.5V and up to 12MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V
Clock Sources
Internal 12MHz oscillator (IHRCO) with USB clock recovery enabled: ±0.25% accuracy
Internal 12MHz oscillator (IHRCO) without USB clock recovery: factory calibrated to ±1%, typical
Internal Low frequency RC Oscillator (ILRCO) support: about 64KHz
External clock input (ECKI) on P1.7
Internal Oscillator output (ICKO) on p1.7
On-chip Clock Multiplier (CKM) to provide high speed clock source
Operating Temperature:
Industrial (-40to +85)*
Package Types:
SOP16: MG74PG1A08AS16
QFN16: MG74PG1A08AY16 (4X4)
*: Tested by sampling.
MG74PG1A08 Data Sheet

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