8051-Based MCU. MG82FE316 Datasheet

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Megawin MG82FE316
8051-Based MCU
Data Sheet
Version: A1.0
This document contains information on a new product under development by Megawin. Megawin reserves the right to change or
discontinue this product without notice.
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2013/11 version A1.0

MG82FE316 Datasheet
Recommendation MG82FE316 Datasheet
Part MG82FE316
Description 8051-Based MCU
Feature MG82FE316; 8051-Based MCU MG82FE(L)308/316 Data Sheet Version: A1.0 This document contains information on a n.
Manufacture Megawin
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Megawin MG82FE316
MG82FEL308_316 Data Sheet

Megawin MG82FE316
1-T 80C51 Central Processing Unit
MG82FE(L)308/316 with 8K/13.5K Bytes AP flash ROM
ISP memory zone as 1.5KB (default)
IAP size as 1KB(MG82FE(L)316), 6.5KB(MG82FE(L)308) in default.
User could control IAPLB register to redefine IAP size. Flexible IAP size up to 15.5KB.
Code protection for flash memory access
On-chip 256 bytes data RAM and on-chip 256 bytes expanded RAM.
Dual data pointer.
Three 16-bit timer/counters: Timer 0, Timer 1 and Timer 2.
T0CKO on P34, T1CKO on P35 and T2CKO on P10
X12 mode enabled for T0/T1/T2.
PWM-Timer for PWM generator or normal 16-bit timer.
Maximum 16 channel PWM output on P2 and P5.
Enhanced UART
Provides frame-error detection.
Hardware address-recognition.
Function swapped on P16/P17.
Six external interrupt input: nINT0/nINT1/nINT2/nINT3/nINT4/nINT5.
nINT0/nINT1 trigger type: Low Level or Falling Edge.
nINT2/nINT3/nINT4/nINT5: Low Level, Falling Edge, High Level or Rising Edge.
13 sources, four-level-priority interrupt capability.
Built-in analog comparator with on-chip VDD reference input.
4 channel I/O selection on comparator Plus input.
Programmable comparator Minus input from I/O or 15 levels on-chip VDD reference.
15 bits Watch-Dog-Timer.
8-bit pre-scalar
One-time enabled by CPU or power-on
Maximum 57 GPIOs in LQFP-64 pin package.
P0, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 can be configured to quasi-bidirectional, push-pull output, open-drain output
and input only.
P6 and P7 serve quasi-bidirectional mode only.
P4.0 and P4.1 are configured to quasi-bidirectional in default.
Power control: idle mode and power-down mode.
All interrupts and 16 GPIOs can wake up IDLE mode.
6 external interrupt and 16 GPIOs can wake up Power-Down mode.
Brown-Out Detector for VDD 4.0V(E) or 2.4V(L)
Option to reset CPU.
Option to interrupt CPU.
Operating voltage:
MG82FE308/316: 4.5V~5.5V.
MG82FL308/316: 2.4V~3.6V, minimum 2.7V requirement in flash write operation(ISP/IAP/……)
Operation frequency : 24MHz(max)
External crystal mode
Internal RC-oscillator (12MHz) , output on XTAL2/P6.0
+/- 1% frequency drift @ 25,
+/- 2% frequency drift @ -20 ~ 50,
+/- 4% frequency drift @ -40 ~ 85,.
MG82FEL308_316 Data Sheet

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