N0465WN160 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

N0465WN160 Datasheet - Phase Control Thyristor

N0465WN160   N0465WN160  

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Date: - 15th October, 2013 Data Sheet Is sue:- P2 Phase Control Thyristor Types N0465WN140 to N0465WN160 Absolute Max imum Ratings VDRM VDSM VRRM VRSM VOLT AGE RATINGS Repetitive peak off-state v oltage, (note 1) Non-repetitive peak of f-state voltage, (note 1) Repetitive pe ak reverse voltage, (note 1) Non-repeti tive peak reverse voltage, (note 1) OT HER RATINGS IT(AV)M IT(AV)M

N0465WN160 Datasheet - Phase Control Thyristor

IT(AV)M IT(RMS)M IT(d.c.) ITSM ITSM2 I2 t I2t (di/dt)cr VRGM PG(AV) PGM Tj op T stg Maximum average on-state current, Tsink=55°C, (note 2) Maximum average o n-state current. Tsink=85°C, (note 2) Maximum average on-state current. Tsink =85°C, (note 3) Nominal RMS on-state c urrent, Tsink=25°C, (note 2) D.C. on-s tate current, Tsink=25°C, (note 4) Pea k non-repetitive surge tp=10ms, V

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