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Part LM319
Description High Speed Dual Comparator
Feature LM119/LM219/LM319 High Speed Dual Comparator May 1999 LM119/LM219/LM319 High Speed Dual Comparator.
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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May 1999
High Speed Dual Comparator
General Description
The LM119 series are precision high speed dual compara-
tors fabricated on a single monolithic chip. They are de-
signed to operate over a wide range of supply voltages down
to a single 5V logic supply and ground. Further, they have
higher gain and lower input currents than devices like the
LM710. The uncommitted collector of the output stage
makes the LM119 compatible with RTL, DTL and TTL as well
as capable of driving lamps and relays at currents up to 25
The LM319A offers improved precision over the standard
LM319, with tighter tolerances on offset voltage, offset cur-
rent, and voltage gain.
n Two independent comparators
n Operates from a single 5V supply
n Typically 80 ns response time at ±15V
n Minimum fan-out of 2 each side
n Maximum input current of 1 µA over temperature
n Inputs and outputs can be isolated from system ground
n High common mode slew rate
Although designed primarily for applications requiring opera-
tion from digital logic supplies, the LM119 series are fully
specified for power supplies up to ±15V. It features faster re-
sponse than the LM111 at the expense of higher power dis-
sipation. However, the high speed, wide operating voltage
range and low package count make the LM119 much more
versatile than older devices like the LM711.
The LM119 is specified from −55˚C to +125˚C, the LM219 is
specified from −25˚C to +85˚C, and the LM319A and LM319
are specified from 0˚C to +70˚C.
Connection Diagram
Dual-In-Line Package
Note 1: Also available per SMD# 8601401 or JM38510/10306
Top View
Order Number LM119J, LM119J/883 (Note 1),
LM219J, LM319J, LM319AM, LM319M,
LM319AN or LM319N
See NS Package Number J14A, M14A or N14A
© 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation DS005705

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 8)
If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required,
please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/
Distributors for availability and specifications.
Total Supply Voltage
Output to Negative Supply Voltage
Ground to Negative Supply Voltage
Ground to Positive Supply Voltage
Differential Input Voltage
Input Voltage (Note 2)
ESD rating (1.5 kin series with
100 pF)
Power Dissipation (Note 3)
Output Short Circuit Duration
Storage Temperature Range
500 mW
10 sec
−65˚C to 150˚C
Lead Temperature
(Soldering, 10 sec.)
Soldering Information
Dual-In-Line Package
Soldering (10 seconds)
Small Outline Package
Vapor Phase (60 seconds)
Infrared (15 seconds)
See AN-450 “Surface Mounting Methods and Their Effect
on Product Reliability” for other methods of soldering
surface mount devices.
Operating Temperature Range
−55˚C to 125˚C
−25˚C to 85˚C
Electrical Characteristics (Note 4)
Min Typ
Input Offset Voltage (Note 5)
Input Offset Current (Note 5)
Input Bias Current
Voltage Gain
Response Time (Note 6)
Saturation Voltage
Output Leakage Current
Input Offset Voltage (Note 5)
Input Offset Current (Note 5)
TA = 25˚C, RS 5k
TA = 25˚C
TA = 25˚C
TA = 25˚C (Note 7)
TA = 25˚C, VS = ±15V
VIN −5 mV, IOUT = 25 mA
TA = 25˚C
VIN 5 mV, VOUT = 35V
TA = 25˚C
RS 5k
0.7 4.0 mV
30 75 nA
150 500
10 40
80 ns
0.75 1.5
0.2 2
7 mV
100 nA
Input Bias Current
Input Voltage Range
VS = ±15V
V+ = 5V, V= 0
−12 ±13
Saturation Voltage
V+ 4.5V, V= 0
Output Leakage Current
Differential Input Voltage
VIN −6 mV, ISINK 3.2 mA
TA 0˚C
TA 0˚C
VIN 5 mV, VOUT = 35V,
V= VGND = 0V
0.23 0.4
1 10
Positive Supply Current
Positive Supply Current
Negative Supply Current
TA = 25˚C, V+ = 5V, V= 0
TA = 25˚C, VS = ±15V
TA = 25˚C, VS = ±15V
4.3 mA
8 11.5 mA
3 4.5 mA
Note 2: For supply voltages less than ±15V the absolute maximum input voltage is equal to the supply voltage.
Note 3: The maximum junction temperature of the LM119 is 150˚C, while that of the LM219 is 110˚C. For operating at elevated temperatures, devices in the H10
package must be derated based on a thermal resistance of 160˚C/W, junction to ambient, or 19˚C/W, junction to case. The thermal resistance of the J14 and N14
packages is 100˚C/W, junction to ambient.
Note 4: These specifications apply for VS = ±15V, and the Ground pin at ground, and −55˚C TA +125˚C, unless otherwise stated. With the LM219, however, all
temperature specifications are limited to −25˚C TA +85˚C. The offset voltage, offset current and bias current specifications apply for any supply voltage from a
single 5V supply up to ±15V supplies. Do not operate the device with more than 16V from ground to VS.
Note 5: The offset voltages and offset currents given are the maximum values required to drive the output within a volt of either supply with a 1 mA load. Thus, these
parameters define an error band and take into account the worst case effects of voltage gain and input impedance.
Note 6: The response time specified (see definitions) is for a 100 mV input step with 5 mV overdrive.
Note 7: Output is pulled up to 15V through a 1.4 kresistor.
Note 8: Refer to RETS119X for LM119H/883 and LM119J/883 specifications.

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