Hall Sensor. HAD-11ms60b1-5Sd1 Datasheet

HAD-11ms60b1-5Sd1 Sensor. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Part HAD-11ms60b1-5Sd1
Description Hall Sensor
Feature Pulse Sensors Series Hall Sensor Characteristics Rated operating distance 1.3 ... 2.5 mm for module.
Manufacture KLASCHKA
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Pulse Sensors Series Hall Sensor Characteristics Rated oper HAD-11ms60b1-5Sd1 Datasheet
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Pulse Sensors
Series Hall Sensor
Rated operating distance 1.3 ... 2.5 mm for modules 1 … 4.
Dynamic version, 5 Hz ... 20 kHz.
DC three-pole, push-pull output (plus- and minus-switching).
Rotation speed detection with high operating frequency (up to 20 kHz)
and high geometrical resolution (module 1).
Hall element sensors are unsuitable for detecting slots, for axial
approach, and for non-magnetic materials.
Ref. no. 13.26-66
Technical Data
(Unless otherwise specified UB = 24 V, TU 23 °C, and IL = 0)
Rated operating distances sn (10 kHz)
Effective operating distance sr
Operating voltage UB
Permissible ripple voltage
Current consumption without load
Maximum current load capacity of the output
Residual current (locked output)
Voltage drop (conductive output; IL = 25 mA)
Operating frequency f
Ambient temperature range TU
Reverse polarity protection
Maximum lead length
Housing material / sensing face
Protection rating according to EN 60529
1.3 mm for module 1
1.8 mm for module 2
2.4 mm for module 3
2.5 mm for module 4
sn (1 ± 10 %)
10 … 24 … 30 VDC
10 %
10 mA
25 mA
plus-switching 0.5 mA
minus-switching 2.5 mA
plus-switching 12 V
minus-switching 10 V
1 push-pull,
temporary short-circuit protection 20 s
5 Hz … 20 kHz
- 25 … + 80 °C
M12 connector, 4-pole
150 m
30 g
cylinder with flange
brass / plastic (PBT)
IP 65
Mounting Instructions
Gear wheel St37 / C45
Minimum width of the teeth 4
Switching Distance as a Function of
Module and Operating Frequency
For mounting, a precise vertical alignment of the housing to the tooth flanks is necessary.
The switching point is not in the geometric axis of the hall element sensor. Keep away metal
cuttings from the sensing face. Avoid operation near strong magnetic fields. The distance
between the connecting lead and the control leads of the inductive loads should be 30 cm.
Use a shielded lead for lead length > 10 m. When the sensor is switched on but not
activated, the output signal may adopt either the low or the high state.
Complies with standard EN 60947-5-2
DC voltage, three-pole,
push-pull output, plug-in connection
Safety Regulations
Connection, commissioning and maintenance
may only be accomplished by qualified or in-
structed staff.
We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
Subject to technical changes!
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