8-Bit Microcontrollers. TMP90C800N Datasheet

TMP90C800N Microcontrollers. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Part TMP90C800N
Description CMOS 8-Bit Microcontrollers
Feature TOSHIBA TLCS-90 Series TMP90C800/801 CMOS 8–Bit Microcontrollers TMP90C800N/TMP90C801N TMP90C800.
Manufacture Toshiba
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TOSHIBA TLCS-90 Series TMP90C800/801 CMOS 8–Bit Microcontr TMP90C800N Datasheet
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TLCS-90 Series
CMOS 8–Bit Microcontrollers
1. Outline and Characteristics
The TMP90C800 is a high-speed advanced 8-bit microcontroller (3) Internal ROM: 8K bytes (The TMP90C801 does not
applicable to a variety of equipment.
With its 8-bit CPU, ROM, RAM, timer/event counter and gen-
eral-purpose serial interface integrated into a single CMOS chip,
mthe TMP90C800 allows the expansion of external
memories for programs and data (up to 56K bytes). The function of
oTMP90C800 is exactly same as the TMP90C400 except the
.cinternal ROM/RAM size.
The TMP90C801 is the same as the TMP90C800 but
without the ROM.
The TMP90C800N/801N is in a shrink Dual Inline Package
t4The TMP90C800F/801F is in a Quad Flat package
The characteristics of the TMP90C800 include:
e(1) Powerful instructions: 163 basic instructions, including
eMultiplication, division, 16-bit arithmetic operations, bit
hmanipulation instructions
(2) Minimum instruction executing time: 320ns (at
S12.5MHz oscillation frequency)
have a built-in ROM)
(4) Internal RAM: 256 bytes
(5) Memory expansion
External memory: 56K bytes
(6) General-purpose serial interface (1 channel)
Asynchronous mode, I/O interface mode
(7) 8-bit timers (4 channel): (2 external clock input)
(8) Port with zero-cross detection circuit (4 input)
(9) Input/Output ports (56 pins)
- Ports with programmable pull-up resistor (22 pins)
- Allows I/O selection on bit basis
- Multiplexer ports of address data bus
(10) Interrupt function: 7 internal interrupts and 3 external
(11) Micro Direct Memory Access (DMA) function (8 channels)
(12) Standby function (4 HALT modes)
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Figure 1. TMP90C800 Block Diagram

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