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Part LH0002C
Description Buffer
Feature LH0002 Buffer February 1995 LH0002 Buffer General Description The LH0002 is a general purpose buf.
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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LH0002 Buffer February 1995 LH0002 Buffer General Descrip LH0002C Datasheet
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February 1995
LH0002 Buffer
General Description
The LH0002 is a general purpose buffer Its features make it
ideal to integrate with operational amplifiers inside a closed
loop configuration to increase current output The symmetri-
cal output portion of the circuit also provides a low output
impedance for both the positive and negative slopes of out-
put pulses
The LH0002 is available in an 8-lead TO-99 can The
LH0002C is available in an 8-lead TO-99 and a 10-pin
molded dual-in-line package
The LH0002 is specified for operation over the b55 C to
a125 C military temperature range The LH0002C is speci-
fied for operation over the 0 C to a85 C temperature range
Y High input impedance
400 kX
Y Low output impedance
Y High power efficiency
Y Low harmonic distortion
Y DC to 30 MHz bandwidth
Y Output voltage swing that approaches supply voltage
Y 400 mA pulsed output current
Y Slew rate is typically 200 V ms
Y Operation from g5V to g20V
Y Line driver
Y 30 MHz buffer
Y High speed D A conversion
Schematic and Connection Diagrams
Dual-In-Line Package
Pin numbers in parentheses denote pin
connections for dual-in-line package
TL H 5560 – 1
Order Number LH0002CN
See NS Package Number N10A
TL H 5560 – 2
Metal Can Package
Order Number LH0002H
LH0002H-MIL or LH0002CH
LH0002H 883
See NS Package Number H08D
TL H 5560 – 3
Available per SMD 7801301
C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 5560
RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A
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Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 3)
If Military Aerospace specified devices are required
please contact the National Semiconductor Sales
Office Distributors for availability and specifications
(Note 2)
Supply Voltage
Power Dissipation (Note 4)
600 mW
Input Voltage
(Equal to Power Supply Voltage)
Storage Temperature Range
b65 C to a150 C
Junction Temperature
N Package
H Package
a150 C
a175 C
Steady State Output Current
g100 mA
Pulsed Output Current (50 ms On 1 sec Off) g400 mA
Lead Temperature Soldering (10 seconds)
Metal Can
300 C
260 C
ESD Rating (Note 6)
2 kV
Operating Ratings (Note 3)
Temperature Range
b55 C to a125 C
0 C to a85 C
Thermal Resistance (Note 5)
iJA H Package
iJC H Package
iJA N Package
a125 C W
a75 C W
a120 C W
Electrical Characteristics (Note 1)
Min Typ Max Units
Voltage Gain
Input Impedance
Output Impedance
Output Voltage Swing
Output Voltage Swing
DC Output Offset Voltage
DC Input Bias Current
Harmonic Distortion
Rise Time
Positive Supply Current
Negative Supply Current
RS e 10 kX RL e 1 0 kX VIN e g10V
RS e 200 kX VIN e g1 0V RL e 1 0 kX
VIN e g1 0V RL e 50X RS e 10 kX
RL e 1 0 kX VIN e g12V
VS e g15V VIN e g12V RS e 50X RL e 100X TA e 25 C
RS e 300X RL e 1 0 kX
RS e 10 kX RL e 1 0 kX
VIN e 5 0 Vrms f e 1 0 kHz
RL e 50X DVIN e 100 mV
RS e 10 kX RL e 1 0 kX
RS e 10 kX RL e 1 0 kX
0 95
0 97
g6 0
a6 0
b6 0
Note 1 Specification applies for TA e 25 C with a12V on Pins 1 and 2 b12V on Pins 6 and 7 for the metal can package and a12V on Pins 1 and 2 b12V on
Pins 4 and 5 for the dual-in-line package unless otherwise specified The parameter guarantees for LH0002C apply over the temperature range of 0 C to a85 C
while parameters for the LH0002 are guaranteed over the temperature range b55 C to a125 C unless otherwise specified
Note 2 Refer to RETS0002X for LH0002 military specifications
Note 3 Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is
intended to be functional but do not guarantee specific performance limits For guaranteed specifications and test conditions see the Electrical Characteristics
The guaranteed specifications apply only for the test conditions listed
Note 4 The maximum power dissipation is a function of maximum junction temperature (TJMax) total thermal resistance (iJA) and ambient temperature (TA) The
maximum allowable power dissipation at any ambient is PD e (TJMax b TA) iJA
Note 5 For operating at elevated temperatures the device must be derated based on the thermal resistance iJA and TJMax TJ e TA a PDiJA
Note 6 Human body model 1 5 kX in series with 100 pF
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