GT28F128W18 Datasheet, Equivalent, Flash Memory.

Wireless Flash Memory

Part GT28F128W18
Description Wireless Flash Memory
Feature 1.8 Volt Intel® Wireless Flash Memory (W18) 28F320W18, 28F640W18, 28F128W18 Preliminary Datasheet Product Features s Performance — 70 ns Asynchronous reads for 32 and 64 Mbit, 90 ns for 128 Mbit m— 14 ns Clock to Data Output (tCHQV) — 20 ns Page Mode Read Speed o— 4-Word, 8-Word, and Continuous-Word Burst Modes .c— Burst and Page Modes in Parameter and Main Partitions — Programmable WAIT Configuration — Enhanced Factory Programming Mode@ U3.50 µs/Word (Typ) — Glueless 12 V interface for Fast Factory t4Programming @ 8 µs/Word (Typ) — 1.8 V Low-Power Programming @ 12 µs/Word (Typ) e— Program .
Manufacture Intel
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GT28F128W18   GT28F128W18

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GT28F128W18 Datasheet



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