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Part TEA19361T
Description GreenChip SMPS primary side controller
Feature TEA19361T GreenChip SMPS primary side control IC with QR/DCM operation Rev. 1 — 9 August 2016 Pr.
Manufacture NXP
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TEA19361T GreenChip SMPS primary side control IC with QR/D TEA19361T Datasheet
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GreenChip SMPS primary side control IC with
QR/DCM operation
Rev. 1 — 9 August 2016
Product data sheet
1 General description
The TEA19361T is a member of the GreenChip family of controller ICs for switched
mode power supplies. It is intended for flyback topologies to be used either standalone
or together with USB PD or smart charging controllers (like the TEA190x series) at the
secondary side. The built-in green functions provide high efficiency at all power levels.
The TEA19361T is compatible with multiple output voltage applications with a wide
output range from 5 V to 20 V in Constant Voltage (CV) mode. When used with a
secondary-side controller IC, like the TEA190x series, it supports Constant Current (CC)
mode down to 3 V output voltage.
At high power levels, the flyback converter operates in Quasi-Resonant (QR) mode. At
lower power levels, the controller switches to Frequency Reduction (FR) in Discontinuous
Conduction Mode (DCM) operation. The peak current is limited to a minimum level.
Valley switching is used in all operating modes.
At very low power levels, the controller uses burst mode to regulate the output power.
A special optocoupler current reduction regulation has been integrated which reduces
the average optocoupler current in all modes to a minimum level. This reduction ensures
high efficiency at low power and excellent no-load power performance. As the switching
frequency in this mode is never less than fsw(min) and the burst repetition rate is regulated
to a low value, the audible noise is minimized. During the non-switching phase of the
burst mode, the internal IC supply current is minimized for further efficiency optimization.
The TEA19361T includes a wide set of protections that are safe-restart protections. One
of these protections is an accurate OverPower Protection (OPP). If the output is shorted,
the system stops switching and restarts. The output power is then limited to a lower level.
The TEA19361T is manufactured in a high-voltage Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) process.
The SOI process combines the advantages of a low-voltage process (accuracy, high-
speed protection, functions, and control). However, it also maintains the high-voltage
capabilities (high-voltage start-up, low standby power, and brownin/brownout sensing at
the input).
The TEA19361T enables low-cost, highly efficient and reliable supplies for power
requirements up to 75 W using a minimum number of external components.

NXP Semiconductors
2 Features and benefits
GreenChip SMPS primary side control IC with
QR/DCM operation
2.1 General features
SMPS controller IC supporting smart-charging applications and multiple-output-voltage
Wide output range (5 V to 20 V in CV mode, 3 V to 20 V in CC mode, and 3 V to 6 V in
direct charging mode)
Housed in a small SO10 package
Suited for mobile charger applications that require low Common-Mode Noise (CMN)
distortion (meeting the IEC EN62684 specification)
Adaptive dual supply for highest efficiency over the entire output voltage range
Integrated high-voltage start-up
Continuous VCC regulation during start-up and protection via the HV pin, allowing a
minimum VCC capacitor value
Reduced optocurrent enabling low no-load power (20 mW at 5 V output)
Fast transient response from 0 to full load
Minimal audible noise and output voltage ripple in all operating modes
Integrated soft start
2.2 Green features
Enables high efficiency operation over a wide power range via:
Low supply current during normal operation (0.6 mA without load)
Low supply current during non-switching state in burst mode (0.2 mA)
Valley switching for minimum switching losses
Frequency reduction with fixed minimum peak current to maintain high efficiency at low
output power levels
2.3 Protection features
All protections are safe-restart protections.
Mains voltage compensated OverPower Protection (OPP)
OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
Integrated overpower time-out
Integrated restart timer for system fault conditions
Continuous mode protection using demagnetization detection
Accurate OverVoltage Protection (OVP)
General-purpose input for safe restart protection; for use with system OverTemperature
Protection (OTP)
Driver maximum on-time protection
Brownin and brownout protection
3 Applications
Product data sheet
Battery chargers for smart phones and media tablets
Battery chargers for mobile devices with touchpad display
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Rev. 1 — 9 August 2016
© NXP Semiconductors N.V. 2016. All rights reserved.
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