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Part ATtiny1614
Description 8-bit AVR Microcontroller
Feature 8-bit AVR Microcontroller ATtiny1614 / ATtiny1616 / ATtiny1617 Introduction The ATtiny1614/1616/1617.
Manufacture Microchip
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8-bit AVR Microcontroller ATtiny1614 / ATtiny1616 / ATtiny16 ATtiny1614 Datasheet
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8-bit AVR Microcontroller
ATtiny1614 / ATtiny1616 / ATtiny1617
The ATtiny1614/1616/1617 is a member of the tinyAVR 1-series of microcontrollers, using the 8-bit AVR®
processor with hardware multiplier, running at up to 20MHz and with 16KB Flash, 2KB of SRAM and
256B of EEPROM in a 14-, 20- and 24-pin package. The tinyAVR 1-series uses the latest technologies
with a flexible and low power architecture including Event System and SleepWalking, accurate analog
features and advanced peripherals. Capacitive touch interfaces with proximity sensing and driven shield
are supported with the integrated QTouch® peripheral touch controller.
– AVR® 8-bit CPU
– Running at up to 20MHz
– Single cycle I/O access
– Two-level interrupt controller
– Two-cycle hardware multiplier
• Memories
– 16KB In-system self-programmable Flash memory
• System
– Power-on Reset (POR)
– Brown-out Detection (BOD)
– Internal and external clock options:
• 16/20MHz low power RC oscillator
• 32.768kHz Ultra Low Power (ULP) internal RC oscillator with ±10% accuracy, ±2%
calibration step size
• 32.768kHz external crystal oscillator
• External clock input
– Single pin programming and debugging interface (UPDI)
– Three sleep modes:
• Idle with all peripherals running for immediate wake up
• Standby
– Configurable operation of selected peripherals
– SleepWalking peripherals
• Power Down with limited wake-up functionality
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8-bit AVR Microcontroller
• Peripherals
– One 16-bit Timer/Counter type A with dedicated period register, 3 compare channels (TCA)
– Two 16-bit Timer/Counter type B with input capture (TCB)
– One 12-bit Timer/Counter type D optimized for control applications (TCD)
– 16-bit Real Time Counter (RTC) running from external crystal or internal RC oscillator
– One USART with fractional baud rate generator, autobaud, and start-of-frame detection
– Master/slave Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
– Master/slave I2C with dual address match
• Standard mode (Sm, 100kHz)
• Fast mode (Fm, 400kHz)
• Fast mode plus (Fm+, 1MHz)
– Configurable Custom Logic (CCL) with two programmable Lookup Tables (LUT)
– Three Analog Comparators (AC) with low propagation delay
– Two 10-bit 115ksps Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)
– Three 8-bit Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) with one external channel
– Five selectable internal voltage references: 0.55V, 1.1V, 1.5V, 2.5V and 4.3V
– Automated CRC memory scan
– Window Watchdog Timer (WDT) with separate on-chip oscillator
– Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)
• Capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels
• Wake-up on touch
• Driven shield for improved moisture and noise handling performance
• Up to 14 self-capacitance and up to 49 mutual capacitance channels
– External interrupt on all general purpose pins
• I/O and Packages:
– 12 to 22 programmable I/O lines
– 14-pin SOIC150
– 20-pin QFN 3x3 and SOIC300
– 24-pin QFN 4x4
• Temperature Ranges:
– -40°C to 105°C
– -40°C to 125°C Temperature Device Options available
• Speed Grades:
– 0-5MHz @ 1.8V – 5.5V
– 0-10MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V
– 0-20MHz @ 4.5V – 5.5V
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