Charger IC. CN3153B Datasheet

CN3153B IC. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

500mA Lithium Battery Charger IC
General Description:
The CN3153B is a complete constant-current
/constant voltage linear charger for single cell
lithium rechargeable battery. The device contains an
on-chip power MOSFET and eliminates the need for
the external current sense resistor and blocking diode.
Its low external component count makes CN3153B
ideally suited for portable applications.
Thermal feedback regulates the charge current to
limit the die temperature during high power
operation or high ambient temperature. The
regulation voltage is internally fixed at 4.2V, it can
also be adjusted with an external resistor. The charge
current can be programmed externally with a single
resistor. When the input supply is removed, the
CN3153B automatically enters a low power sleep
mode, dropping the battery drain current to less than
3uA. Other features include under-voltage lockout,
automatic recharge and charging/termination
The CN3153B is available ordinary SOP package.
Electronic Cigarette
Mobile Phones
Digital Still Cameras
MP4 Players
Electronic Dictionary
Portable Devices
Variety Of Chargers
On-chip Power MOSFET
No external Blocking Diode or Current Sense
Resistors Required
Constant Charge Voltage 4.2V, and also can be
adjusted by an external resistor
Precharge Conditioning for Reviving Deeply
Discharged Cells and Minimizing Heat
Dissipation During Initial Stage of Charge
Trickle Charge Current can be Selected
Can be used as a Voltage Source
Battery Short Circuit Protection
Programmable Continuous Charge Current Up
to 500mA
Temperature Operation to Maximize Charge
Rate Without Risk of Overheating
Automatic Low-Power Sleep Mode When Input
Supply is Removed
Status Indication for LEDs or uP Interface
C/10 Charge Termination
Automatic Recharge
Pb-free, rohs compliant, halogen free
Pin Assignment
REV 1.2

CN3153B Datasheet
Recommendation CN3153B Datasheet
Part CN3153B
Description 500mA Lithium Battery Charger IC
Feature CN3153B; CONSONANCE 500mA Lithium Battery Charger IC CN3153B General Description: The CN3153B is a complete.
Manufacture CONSONANCE
Download CN3153B Datasheet

Typical Application Circuit
Figure 1 Typical Application Circuit I (Constant Voltage Fixed at 4.2V)
Figure 2 Application Circuit II (Adjust Constant Voltage with Rx)
In Figure 2, the BAT pin’s voltage in constant voltage mode is given by the following equation:
Vbat 4.23.61×10-6×Rx
WhereVbat is in volt
Rx is in ohm
REV 1.2

Note: when an external resistor is used to adjust constant charge voltage, the voltage accuracy may
be affected due to the process variation and the temperature difference between the silicon and the
Ordering Information
Part No. Package
Operating Temperature Range
CN3153B SOP8 Tape and Reel, 4000/Reel
40to 85
Block Diagram
Figure 3 Block Diagram
REV 1.2

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