Voltage Regulators. CA3085A Datasheet

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CA3085A Datasheet
Recommendation CA3085A Datasheet
Part CA3085A
Description Positive Voltage Regulators
Feature CA3085A; REI Datasheet CA3085, CA3085A, CA3085B Positive Voltage Regulators The CA3085, CA3085A, and CA3085B .
Manufacture Rochester Electronics
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Rochester Electronics CA3085A
REI Datasheet
CA3085, CA3085A, CA3085B
Positive Voltage Regulators
The CA3085, CA3085A, and CA3085B are silicon monolithic integrated circuits designed specifically for
service as voltage regulators at output voltages ranging from 1.7V to 46V at currents up to 100mA.
The CA3085A and CA3085B have output capabilities up to 100mA and the CA3085 up to 12mA without
the use of external pass transistors. However, all the devices can provide voltage regulation at load
currents greater than 100mA with the use of suitable external pass transistors. The CA3085 Series has an
unregulated input voltage ranging from 7.5V to 30V (CA3085), 7.5V to 40V (CA3085A), and 7.5V to 50V
(CA3085B) and a minimum regulated output voltage of 26V (CA3085), 36V (CA3085A), and 46V (CA3085B).
Rochester Electronics
Manufactured Components
Rochester branded components are
manufactured using either die/wafers
purchased from the original suppliers
or Rochester wafers recreated from the
original IP. All recreations are done with
the approval of the OCM.
Parts are tested using original factory
test programs or Rochester developed
test solutions to guarantee product
meets or exceeds the OCM data sheet.
Quality Overview
• ISO-9001
• AS9120 certification
• Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) MIL-PRF-38535
• Class Q Military
• Class V Space Level
• Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD)
• Rochester is a critical supplier to DLA and
meets all industry and DLA standards.
Rochester Electronics, LLC is committed to supplying
products that satisfy customer expectations for
quality and are equal to those originally supplied by
industry manufacturers.
The original manufacturer’s datasheet accompanying this document reflects the performance
and specifications of the Rochester manufactured version of this device. Rochester Electronics
guarantees the performance of its semiconductor products to the original OEM specifications.
‘Typical’ values are for reference purposes only. Certain minimum or maximum ratings may be
based on product characterization, design, simulation, or sample testing.
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Rochester Electronics CA3085A

Rochester Electronics CA3085A

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