P0720SBLRP Datasheet, Equivalent, Protection Thyristors.

SIDACtor Protection Thyristors

Part P0720SBLRP
Description SIDACtor Protection Thyristors
Feature Pxxx0SxL SIDACtor® Series DO-214AA Agency Agency Approvals Agency File Number E133083 Schematic Symbol SIDACtor® Protection Thyristors Datasheet RoHS Pb e 3 Description Pxxx0SxL Series DO-214AA are designed to protect baseband equipment such as modems, line cards, CPE and DSL equipments from damaging overvoltage transients. The series provide a robust peak surge current capability which enables equipments to comply with global regulatory standards. Features and Benefits ■ Low voltage overshoot ■ Low on-state voltage ■ Does not degrade in capability after multiple surge events within li.
Manufacture Littelfuse
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