IDT39C03B Datasheet, Equivalent, Microprocessor Slice.

4-Bit CMOS Microprocessor Slice

Part IDT39C03B
Description 4-Bit CMOS Microprocessor Slice
Feature MICROSLICE™ PRODUCT FEATURES: DESCRIPTION: • Fast -IDT39C03A matches 2903A speeds -IDT39C03B 20% speed upgrade • Low-power CMOS -50mA commercial (max.) -60mA (military) (max.) • Pin-compatible, performance-enhanced functional replacement for the 2903A • Cascadable to 8, 12, 16, etc. bits • Expandable Register File • On-chip Parity Generation and Sign Extension Logic -Provides parity across the entire ALU output and sign extension at any slice boundary • On-chip Normalization Logic -Floating point mantissa and exponent easily develgped using single microcycle per shift • On-chip Multiplicati.
Manufacture IDT
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IDT39C03B   IDT39C03B

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