S11059-02DT Datasheet, Equivalent, Color sensors.

Color sensors

Part S11059-02DT
Description Color sensors
Feature Color sensors S11059-02DT/-03DS I2C interface-compatible color sensor The S11059-02DT/-03DS is a digital color sensor that supports the I2C (inter-integrated circuit) interface. It is sensitive to red (λ=615 nm), green (λ=530 nm), blue (λ=460 nm), and infrared (λ=855 nm) light, and outputs detected results as 16bit digital data for each color. The photodiode for each color is automatically switched sequentially to perform measurements. The sensitivity and integration time can be adjusted so that light measurements can be performed over a wide range. Features I2C interface compatible Sequent.
Manufacture Hamamatsu
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S11059-02DT   S11059-02DT

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