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8080 Datasheet PDF

Part Number 8080
Description Assembly Language Programming Manual
Manufacture Intel
Total Page 30 Pages
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Features: Datasheet pdf J. © Intel Corp., 1975 Rev. B This m anual describes the assembly language f ormat, and how to write assembly langua ge programs for the Intel 8080 micropro cessor. Detailed information on the ope ration of specific assemblers is availa ble in the Operator's Manual and I nsta llation Guide for each specific assembl er. Rev. B TERMS Address Bit Byte Inst ruction Object Program Program Source P rogram System Program User Program Word nnnnB nnnnD nnnnO nnnnQ nnnnH DESCRIP TION A 16-bit number assigned to a memo ry location corresponding to its sequen tial position. The smallest unit of inf ormation which can be represented. (A b it may be in one of two states, represe nted by the binary digits 0 or 1). A gr oup of 8 contiguous bits occupying a si ngle memory location. The smallest sing le operation that the computer can be d irected to execute. A program which can be loaded directly into the computer's memory and which requires no alteratio n before execution. An object program is usually on paper tape.

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8080 datasheet
© Intel Corp., 1975
Rev. B

8080 datasheet
This manual describes the assembly language format, and how to write assembly language
programs for the Intel 8080 microprocessor. Detailed information on the operation of
specific assemblers is available in the Operator's Manual and I nstallation Guide for each
specific assembler.
Rev. B

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