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8080 Datasheet
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Part 8080
Description Assembly Language Programming Manual
Feature 8080; J. © Intel Corp., 1975 Rev. B This manual describes the assembly language format, and how to writ.
Manufacture Intel
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Intel 8080
© Intel Corp., 1975
Rev. B

Intel 8080
This manual describes the assembly language format, and how to write assembly language
programs for the Intel 8080 microprocessor. Detailed information on the operation of
specific assemblers is available in the Operator's Manual and I nstallation Guide for each
specific assembler.
Rev. B

Intel 8080
Object Program
Source Program
System Program
User Program
A 16-bit number assigned to a memory location corresponding to its sequen-
tial position.
The smallest unit of information which can be represented. (A bit may be in
one of two states, represented by the binary digits 0 or 1).
A group of 8 contiguous bits occupying a single memory location.
The smallest single operation that the computer can be directed to execute.
A program which can be loaded directly into the computer's memory and
which requires no alteration before execution. An object program is usually
on paper tape. and is produced by assembling (or compiling) a source pro-
gram. Instructions are represented by binary machine code in an object
A sequence of instructions which, taken as a group. allow the computer to
accomplish a desired task.
A program which is readable by a programmer but which must be transformed
into object program format before it can be loaded into the computer and
executed. Instructions in an assembly language source program are represented
by their assembly language mnemonic.
A program written to help in the process of creating user programs.
A program written by the user to make the computer perform any desired task.
A group of 16 contiguous bits occupying two successive memory locations.
nnnn represents a number in binary format.
nnnn represents a number in decimal format.
nnnn repres<;lnts a number in octal format.
nnnn represents a number in octal format.
nnnn represents a number in hexadecimal format.
A representation of a byte in memory. Bits which are fixed as 0 or 1 are in-
dicated by 0 or 1; bits which may be either 0 or 1 in different circumstances
are represented by letters; thus rp represents a three-bit field which contains
one of the eight possible combinations of zeroes and ones.

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