SoC Module. AES-BCM4343W-M1-G Datasheet

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Part AES-BCM4343W-M1-G
Description Bluetooth & BLE SoC Module
Feature AES-BCM4343W-M1-G Datasheet 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth & BLE SoC Module December 2016 Version 2.3.
Manufacture Avnet
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AES-BCM4343W-M1-G Datasheet
802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth & BLE SoC Module
December 2016
Version 2.3
Industrial Automation
Security & Building Automation
Smart Home Appliances
IoT and M2M Connectivity
Wi-Fi/BLE Gateway
The Avnet AES-BCM4343W-M1-G module is
a high performance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE
combo module that includes a programmable
ARM® Cortex™ M4 microprocessor for
running user application code. The module is
ideal for low-power Internet of Things (IoT)
enabled sensor and actuator based devices
that need wireless connectivity to cloud
services. The compact 35 x 20mm LGA
package makes the module a perfect fit for
small, embedded applications.
This Avnet SoC Module is pre-certified, thus
minimizing development time and
certification costs. The module combines an
advanced Cypress® 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
and Bluetooth® 4.1 SoC with 8Mb of serial
Flash and a ST Microelectronics STM32F411
ARM® Cortex™ M4 MCU supporting 512KB
Flash and 128KB SRAM. Several of the M4
MCU peripheral functions are made available
on the module I/O, allowing for easy
connection to user specified interfaces.
Advanced security capabilities are available
with an optional authentication chip.
Dual onboard fractal PCB antennas provide
antenna diversity for optimized RF
Based on integrated SIP device that includes:
o Combo Wi-Fi & BT/BLE SoC (BCM4343W)
o Host Application Processor (STM32F411)
BCM4343W WLAN radio:
o 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n(20),
Channels 1-11 for USA and Canada
BCM4343W Bluetooth radio:
o Bluetooth® v4.1 (LE and Classic modes)
• STM32F411 ARM® Cortex™ M4 microcontroller
features include:
o 512KB Flash and 128KB SRAM
o Multiple peripheral interfaces:
Digital I/O 6
Analog inputs 4
I2C Ports 2
SPI Port 1
UART Ports - 2
o JTAG programing and debug port
8Mb SPI serial flash for storage of firmware
upgrades and user accessible R/W file system
Antenna Diversity implemented using onboard
dual fractal PCB antennas
Concurrent WLAN and Bluetooth operation
(coexistence algorithm for shared antennas)
Comprehensive software development tools:
o Cypress WICED™ SDK
o ZentriOS SDK
Compact 35 x 20 mm 45-pin LGA package
Operating temperature: -40° to +85° C
FCC, IC and CE certifications: currently pending
BT SIG QDID: coming soon

AES-BCM4343W-M1-G Datasheet
802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth & BLE SoC Module
Document Control
Document Version:
Version 2.3
Document Date:
29 December 2016
Document Author(s):
Document Classification: Released
Document Distribution: Public
Prior Version History:
0.1 5/2/16
0.2 5/2/16
0.3 5/2/16
1.0 6/27/16
2.0 11/16/16
2.1 12/19/16
2.2 12/23/16
2.3 12/29/16
Initial release
Updated Module Features
Added SPI flash and Antenna details
Tape & Reel Packaging and Antenna
Options sections updated
Specs for low-power modes added
References to Broadcom removed
Reference to BT/BLE 4.2 removed
Option of using external antennas removed
Miscellaneous updates. Wi-Fi and BT
versions and channel detail added
256-QAM (TurboQAM) mode removed
Data rate max reduced to 65 Mbps
Regional contact info updated
Regulatory compliance statements and
OEM labeling requirements updated.
Avnet Legal statement added

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