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Part RM3334
Description 32-256Kbit Ultra Low Power Non-volatile Serial Memory
Feature RM333X Series 32-256Kbit Ultra Low Power Non-volatile Serial Memory - SPI Bus Features ADVANCE DAT.
Manufacture Adesto
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RM333X Series
32-256Kbit Ultra Low Power
Non-volatile Serial Memory - SPI Bus
Memory array: 32-256Kbit EEPROM-compatible non-volatile serial memory
Multiple supply voltages for minimum power consumption
- VDDC: 1.17-1.23V
- VDDIO: 3.0-3.6V
Serial peripheral interface (SPI) compatible
-Supports SPI modes 0 and 3
1.0 MHz maximum clock rate
Flexible Programming
- Byte/Page Program (1 to 32 or 64Bytes)
- Page size: 32 or 64 Bytes
Ultra Low Energy Word Write
-32 bit Word Write consuming 50 nJ
Low power consumption
-10 µA active Read current @ 500 kbit/s (Typical)
-10 µA active Write current @ 10 kbit/s (Typical)
-50 nA Ultra-Deep Power-Down current
Auto Ultra-Deep Power-Down
-Device can enter Ultra-Deep Power-Down automatically after finishing a Write
Self-timed write cycles
Hardware reset
8-lead SOIC package
RoHS-compliant and halogen-free packaging
Data Retention: 10 years
Based on Adesto's proprietary CBRAM® technology
The Adesto® RM333X Series is a 32-256Kbit, serial memory device that utilizes
Adesto's CBRAM® resistive technology.
The memory device is optimized for low power operation offering lowest available
power for data-transfer, power-down, and writing. In order to efficiently optimize power
consumption, the device makes use of two supplies VDDC, and VDDIO. The two VDDIO
supply signals must be tied together to supply write and I/O voltage (see Figure 5-2). Read
power is supplied from the VDDC and the device consumes less than10µW at
The RM333X Series is accessed through a 4-wire SPI interface consisting of a Serial
Data Input (SDI), Serial Data Output (SDO), Serial Clock (SCK), and Chip Select (CS).
The maximum clock (SCK) frequency in read mode is 1.0MHz.

The device supports direct write eliminating the need to pre-erase. Writing into the device can be done from 1 to 32 or 64
bytes at a time and consumes less than 40uW. All writing is internally self-timed.
The device has both Byte Word Write and Page Write capability. Page Write is from 1 to 32 or 64 bytes. The 32 bit word
Write operation of CBRAM consumes only 10% of the energy consumed by a 32 bit word Write operation of EEPROM
devices of similar size.
Both random and sequential reads are available. Sequential reads are capable of reading the entire memory in one
RM333X Series

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