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Part EFM32JG12
Description MCUs
Feature EFM32 Jade Gecko Family EFM32JG12 Family Data Sheet The EFM32 Jade Gecko MCUs are the world’s most .
Manufacture Silicon Laboratories
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EFM32 Jade Gecko Family
EFM32JG12 Family Data Sheet
The EFM32 Jade Gecko MCUs are the world’s most energy-
friendly microcontrollers.
EFM32JG12 features a powerful 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 and a wide selection of pe-
ripherals, including a unique cryptographic hardware engine and Security Management
Unit, True Random Number Generator, and robust capacitive touch sense unit. These
features, combined with ultra-low current active and sleep modes, make EFM32JG12 mi-
crocontrollers well suited for any battery-powered application, as well as other systems
requiring high performance and low energy consumption.
Example applications:
• IoT devices and sensors
• Health and fitness
• Smart accessories
• Home automation and security
• Industrial and factory automation
• ARM Cortex-M3 at 40 MHz
• Ultra low energy operation:
• 0.39 μA EM4H Hibernate current
• 1.5 μA EM2 Deep Sleep current (RTCC
running with state and RAM retention)
• 64 μA/MHz EM0 Active current
• Hardware cryptographic engine (AES,
ECC, and SHA) and TRNG
• Security Management Unit (SMU)
• Autonomous low energy sensor interface
• Rich analog features including ADC,
VDAC, OPAMPs, and capacitive sense
• Integrated DC-DC converter
• 5 V tolerant I/O
Core / Memory
ARM CortexTM M3 processor with
Memory Protection Unit
Flash Program
Debug Interface RAM Memory
Clock Management
High Frequency
Auxiliary High
Frequency RC
Low Frequency
High Frequency
RC Oscillator
with DPLL
Low Frequency
RC Oscillator
Ultra Low
Frequency RC
Energy Management
Voltage Monitor
Power-On Reset
Serial Interfaces
I/O Ports
32-bit bus
Peripheral Reflex System
Timers and Triggers
Analog Interfaces
Low Energy UARTTM
External Interrupts
General Purpose I/O
Pin Reset
Pin Wakeup
Low Energy Sensor
Watchdog Timer
Low Energy Timer
Pulse Counter
Real Time Counter
and Calendar
Analog Comparator
Capacitive Sense
True Random
Number Generator
Lowest power mode with peripheral operational:
EM0 - Active
EM1 - Sleep
EM2 – Deep Sleep
EM3 - Stop
EM4 - Hibernate
EM4 - Shutoff | Building a more connected world.
Rev. 1.1

EFM32JG12 Family Data Sheet
Feature List
1. Feature List
The EFM32JG12 highlighted features are listed below.
ARM Cortex-M3 CPU platform
• High performance 32-bit processor @ up to 40 MHz
• Memory Protection Unit
• Wake-up Interrupt Controller
Flexible Energy Management System
• 64 μA/MHz in Active Mode (EM0)
• 2.1 μA EM2 Deep Sleep current (256 kB RAM retention and
RTCC running from LFXO)
• 1.5 μA EM2 Deep Sleep current (16 kB RAM retention and
RTCC running from LFRCO)
• 1.81 μA EM3 Stop current (State and 256 kB RAM reten-
tion, CRYOTIMER running from ULFRCO)
• 0.39 μA EM4H Hibernate Mode (128 byte RAM retention)
Up to 1024 kB flash program memory
• Dual-bank with read-while-write support
Up to 256 kB RAM data memory
Up to 65 General Purpose I/O Pins
• Configurable push-pull, open-drain, pull-up/down, input fil-
ter, drive strength
• Configurable peripheral I/O locations
• Asynchronous external interrupts
• Output state retention and wake-up from Shutoff Mode
Hardware Cryptography
• AES 128/256-bit keys
• ECC B/K163, B/K233, P192, P224, P256
• SHA-1 and SHA-2 (SHA-224 and SHA-256)
• True random number generator (TRNG)
Security Management Unit (SMU)
• Fine-grained access control for on-chip peripherals
• 2 × 16-bit Timer/Counter
• 3 or 4 Compare/Capture/PWM channels
• 2 × 32-bit Timer/Counter
• 3 or 4 Compare/Capture/PWM channels
• 1 × 32-bit Real Time Counter and Calendar
• 1 × 32-bit Ultra Low Energy CRYOTIMER for periodic wake-
up from any Energy Mode
• 16-bit Low Energy Timer for waveform generation
• 3 × 16-bit Pulse Counter with asynchronous operation
• 2 × Watchdog Timer with dedicated RC oscillator
8 Channel DMA Controller
12 Channel Peripheral Reflex System (PRS) for autono-
mous inter-peripheral signaling
Communication Interfaces
• 4 × Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/ Trans-
• UART/SPI/SmartCard (ISO 7816)/IrDA/I2S/LIN
• Triple buffered full/half-duplex operation with flow control
• Low Energy UART
• Autonomous operation with DMA in Deep Sleep Mode
2 × I2C Interface with SMBus support
• Address recognition in EM3 Stop Mode
Ultra Low-Power Precision Analog Peripherals
• 12-bit 1 Msps SAR Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
• 2 × Analog Comparator (ACMP)
• 2 × 12-bit 500 ksps Digital to Analog Converter (VDAC)
• 3 × Operational Amplifier (OPAMP)
• Digital to Analog Current Converter (IDAC)
• Multi-channel Capacitive Sense Interface (CSEN)
• Up to 54 pins connected to analog channels (APORT)
shared between analog peripherals
Low-Energy Sensor Interface (LESENSE)
• Autonomous sensor monitoring in deep sleep mode
• Wide range of supported sensors, including LC sensors and
capacitive touch switches
• Up to 16 channels
Ultra efficient Power-on Reset and Brown-Out Detector
Debug Interface
• 2-pin Serial Wire Debug interface
• 1-pin Serial Wire Viewer
• JTAG (programming only)
• Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)
Wide Operating Range
• 1.8 V to 3.8 V single power supply
• Integrated DC-DC, down to 1.8 V output with up to 200 mA
load current for system
• Standard (-40 °C to 85 °C TAMB) and Extended (-40 °C to
125 °C TJ) temperature grades available
• 7 mm × 7 mm QFN48
• 7 mm × 7 mm BGA125
Pre-Programmed UART Bootloader
Full Software Support
• CMSIS register definitions
• Low-power Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
• Portable software components
• Third-party middleware
• Free and available example code | Building a more connected world.
Rev. 1.1 | 2

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