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Part G5138P
Description DIGITAL PWM IC
Feature G5138P Digital Green-Mode Quasi-Resonant Primary-Side PWM Power Switch 1.0 General Description The .
Manufacture Global Semiconductor
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Digital Green-Mode Quasi-Resonant
Primary-Side PWM Power Switch
1.0 General Description
The G5138P is a high performance AC/DC
power supply controller which uses digital
control technology to build peak current
mode PWM flyback power supplies. The
device operates in quasi-resonant mode to
provide high efficiency along with a number
of key built-in protection features while
minimizing the external component count,
simplifying EMI design and lowering the total
bill of material cost. The G5138P removes
the need for secondary feedback circuit while
achieving excellent line and load regulation.
It also eliminates the need for loop
compensation components while maintaining
stability over all operating conditions.
Pulse-by-pulse waveform analysis allows for
a loop response that is much faster than
traditional solutions, resulting in improved
dynamic load response for both one-time
and repetitive load transients. The built-in
power limit function enables optimized
transformer design in universal off-line
applications and allows for a wide input
voltage range. GlobalSemi’s innovative
proprietary technology ensures that power
supplies built with the G5138P can achieve
both highest average active efficiency and
have fast dynamic load response in a
compact form factor in typical applications.
Tight constant-voltage and constant-current
regulation across line and load range
Primary-side feedback eliminates
opto-isolators and simplifies design
Proprietary optimized 90 kHz maximum
PWM switching frequency with
quasi-resonant operation achieves best
size, efficiency and common mode noise
Adaptive Multi-mode PWM/PFM control
improves efficiency
No external loop compensation components
User-configurable 5-level cable drop
Complies with EPA 2.0 energy-efficiency
specifications with ample margin
Built-in single-point fault protection features:
output short-circuit protection, output
over-voltage protection, over-current
protection current-sense-resistor fault
protection and over temperature protection
No audible noise over entire operating range
Compact AC/DC adapter/chargers for media
tablets and smart phones
AC/DC adapters for consumer electronics
Global Semiconductor Co., LTD.
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Digital Green-Mode QR Primary-Side PWM Power Switch
2.0 Products Information
2.1 Pin configuration
Figure2.1: G5138P Series8 Lead DIP8 Package)
Pin# Name
1 VCC Power Input Power supply for control logic.
Shared Multi-function pin. Used for external cable drop
2 CFG Analog Input compensation (CDC) configuration and supplemental
over-voltage protection (OVP).
3 VSENSE Analog Input Auxiliary voltage sense (used for primary regulation).
Primary current sense. Used for cycle-by-cycle peak current
Analog Input
control and limit.
HV MOSFET Drain Pin.The Drain pin is connected to the
primary lead of the transformer
7/8 GND
Ground Ground.
2.2 Series description
Part Number
Rev 2.0
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