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Part SAMR35
Description Low Power Sub-GHz SiP
Feature SAM R34/R35 SAM R34/R35 Low Power LoRa® Sub-GHz SiP Datasheet Introduction The SAM R34/R35 is a fami.
Manufacture Microchip
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SAM R34/R35 SAM R34/R35 Low Power LoRa® Sub-GHz SiP Datashee SAMR35 Datasheet
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SAM R34/R35
SAM R34/R35 Low Power LoRa® Sub-GHz SiP Datasheet
The SAM R34/R35 is a family of ultra-low power microcontrollers combined with a UHF transceiver
communication interface. It uses a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® -M0+ processor and offers up to 256 KB of
Flash and 40 KB of SRAM, including an area of battery backed-up SRAM. The UHF transceiver supports
LoRa® and FSK modulation. LoRa technology is a spread spectrum protocol optimized for low data-rate,
ultra-long range signaling. It is ideal for battery-powered remote sensors and controls.
The SAM R34 includes an integrated microcontroller with USB and the UHF transceiver, making it
suitable for USB dongle applications or for software updates via USB. The SAM R35 offers the same
microcontroller functions along with the UHF transceiver without the USB interface.
Operational Features
• Processor:
– ARM Cortex -M0+ CPU running at up to 48 MHz (2.46CoreMark®/MHz)
– Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier
– Micro Trace Buffer (MTB)
• Memory:
– In-System Self-Programmable Flash Memory, with options for sizes - 256 KB, 128 KB or 64
– Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) with options for sizes - 32 KB, 16 KB or 8KB
– 8 KB low-power RAM with battery backup retention (with 4 KB option)
• System:
– Power-on Reset (POR) and Brown-out Reset
– Internal and External Clock Options with 48 MHz Digital Frequency Locked Loop (DFLL48M)
and 48 MHz to 96 MHz Fractional Digital Phase Locked Loop (FDPLL96M)
– External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
– Up to 15 External Interrupts
– One Non-Maskable Interrupt
– Two Pin Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Programming, Test and Debugging Interfaces
• Operating Voltage: 1.8V- 3.6V
• Low Power Consumption
– Transceiver:
• RX = 16 mA (typical)
• RFO_HF = 33 mA (typical)
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SAM R34/R35
• PA_BOOST = 95 mA (typical)
– MCU:
• Idle and Standby Sleep Modes
• SleepWalking peripherals
• Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (Industrial)
RF/Analog Features
• Integrated LoRa Technology Transceiver:
– Tri-band Coverage
• 137 MHz to 175 MHz
• 410 MHz to 525 MHz
• 862 MHz to 1020 MHz
– +20 dBm (100 mW) Max Power (VDDANA > 2.4 VDC)
– +17 dBm (50 mW) Max Power (Regulated PA)
– +13 dBm (20 mW) High-efficency PA
• High Sensitivity:
– Down to -136 dBm (LoRaWANprotocol compliant modes)
– Down to -148 dBm (proprietary narrowband modes)
• Up to 168 dB Maximum Link Budget
• Robust Front-End: IIp3 = -11 dBm
• Excellent Blocking Immunity
• Low RX Current of 17 mA (typical)
• Fully Integrated Synthesizer with a Resolution of 61 Hz
• LoRa Technology, (G)FSK, (G)MSK and OOK Modulation
• Preamble Detection
• 127 dB Dynamic Range RSSI
• Automatic RF Sense and CAD with Ultra-Fast Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) Packet Engine up to
256 bytes with Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
Peripheral Information
• 12-Channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)
• 12-Channel Event System
• Three 16-bit Timer/Counters (TC), configurable as either of the following:
– One 8-bit TC with compare/capture channels
– One 16-bit TC with compare/capture channels
– One 32-bit TC with compare/capture channels, by using two TCs
• Three 16-bit Timer/Counters for Control (TCC), with Extended Functions:
– Up to four compare channels with optional complementary output
– Generation of synchronized Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pattern across port pins
– Deterministic fault protection, fast decay and configurable dead-time between complementary
– Dithering that increases resolution with up to five bit and reduces quantization error
• 32-bit Real Time Counter (RTC) with Clock/Calendar Function
• Watchdog Timer (WDT)
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